Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jews are being stabbed in Crown Heights now! Video

For those naive Jews that think that only Jews in Israel get stabbed .... read the following!

Footage is the stabber fleeing the scene!

Lubavitcher Man Stabbed in Crown Heights

A Lubavitcher man in his 30s was stabbed in the back by an African-American man on Empire Blvd. in Crown Heights. The attacker fled the scene and is at large.
No words were exchanged between the attacker and his victim. The victim said the two crossed paths while walking along Empire Blvd., and he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back. He quickly realized he had been stabbed in his upper right back.
The victim was transported by Hatzalah to Kings County Hospital. He never lost consciousness, and his condition is believed to be non-life-threatening.
This is a developing story. We will update it with more information as it becomes available.
This is the second unprovoked stabbing incident to target a Jewish man in Crown Heights in the past year. About three months ago, a Hatzalah volunteer was stabbed by an unidentified assailant while jogging along Eastern Parkway.


Anonymous said...

Hey idiot, no one is naive and we all know that eisuv sonei leyaakov and that's the price of galus, but we're also not naive and we all know very well that nowadays the main source and fault of antisemitism is Zionism

Anonymous said...

Shmarya thinks he is fooling anyone that he just handed over the reins to the orthodox he despises so much without big money? Of course he doesn't want anyone to come after him & sue him now that he is worth more than his pajamas & laptop computer

Rumors abound in the Orthodox world as to their identities and the financial windfall that might have come to Rosenberg in the process. To the latter point, he laughed. “If only. It would be great. I heard I got a million dollars from a Jewish billionaire. Please, you gather the evidence, so I can collect that money," he said.  "I just wanted to step away.”

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:58,
And last year the cause of anti- Semitism was something else, and 100 years ago it was economic & racial , and 1,000, 2,000,3000, it was another thing like religion, etc.etc.etc... If according to you yourself that it's Eisov sonei l'Yaakov, then why mix Zionism into it?

Here's why:
This pshat just came to me as I read your doodle:

When I first heard of the Baal Peor avoda zorah, I laughed because worshipping the baal by defecating on it was insane and funny. How & why would even intelligent people do this??
But it got worse....
You see, you aren't doing the Baal Peor... But never in our wildest dreams did we think that people would actually worship the SHITT'eh itself....
Demented huh??
Yes folks, these guys are bowing and HOSSANAH'ing & Yowze, Yowze, Yowze'ing the SHYT'teh itself....
Without Zionism there is no SHYT'teh.... So, down with Zionism, up with SHYT'teh... Hail Ye Honorable SHYT'teh....!!!!!!!

the Derby......