Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rav Shmuel Auerbach Continues His Campaign of Machlokas against other Gedoilim

Let's face it .....Rav Shmuel Auerbach is a fanatic .. and it's his way or the highway. 
He doesn't care if he opposes "Daas Torah" of Rav Kanievsky and Rab Shteinman, .... he has his own "Daas Torah!"

So please never ever tell me that this is "Daas Torah" or that is "Daas Torah"

Daas Torah, my friends is to vote Likud! heard it here first!
Voting for Likud is Daas Torah, don't waste your vote for the frum hypocrites!

Shas and other frum parties are following the position of  "gedoilim," and the "gedoilim" have indicated that they would sit with Tzippy Livni in a coalition, if she should G-d forbid get the upper hand..
They ignore the position of  Tzippy Livni that has repeatedly said; that she is ready to have the Arab parties join her coalition... 
and they ignore that she has said numerous times that she is prepared to give back parts of Eretz Yisroel to the Arabs, the land that G-d gave to us.

But the Gedoilim don't seem to care as long as Tzippy doesn't give back Ponovitz, Brisk, Mir .. etc..

That's the shita of today's "Gedoilim"!

So here is the latest low-down!

**Rav Auerbach has said that you get an Aveirah if you vote Gimmel....

**Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shteinman said that you get an Aveirah if you don't vote Gimmel!

**Satmar says it's an Aveirah if you vote for anyone!

** You are all going to hell, whatever you do according to the "gedoilim" 

Meanwhile, the "Chachomim" in Bnei Brak invited the fanatic R' Auerbach  to the massive Degel Hatorah kinnos which drew a staggering crowd of 100,000, according to some estimates, 
with Gedolei Hador  Rav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman, Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Rav Nissim Karelitz, in attendance, but they didn't succeed to change the "godel's" stubborn mind.

Gedolim, have instructed the tzibur to vote Gimmel, Yahadut Hatorah, in next week’s elections for 20th Knesset.

Rav Auerbach  believes Degel is abandoning the correct path and while the door to cooperation has not been closed and locked, with days remaining to the elections it is difficult to know what he will do. 
He wants Rav Kanievsky and Rav Shteinman to come crawling to him and beg him to endorse Gimmel. 

At present it appears that a boycott of the elections is the likely scenario. HaPeles, R' Auerbach's mouthpiece  newspaper quotes Rav Auerbach saying that if one supports those (R' Kanievsky and R' Shteinman)who are implementing these unacceptable changes, he has a hand in one performing an aveira. -

So there you have it in a nutshell!

But they all agree that you can't have an Iphone....
Moshiach where are you?


Anonymous said...

Hamevaze Talmid Chacham APIKORES

Anonymous said...


Dusiznies said...

Hey know it all.....these "talmeidi chachumim" are confusing the hell out of everybody....
what are we supposed to do?
If we don't vote.... we get an aveirah
If we do vote..... we get an aveirah
Your "talmidei chachomim" are being "mevazeh" Klall Yisroel by taking them all for a bunch of fools...and that is the greatest aveirah....
And you are the one that's being "mevazeh" talmeidi chachamim, because they paskened that you shouldn't be on the internet..... but you are ignoring them and not only are you surfing the internet are going on the blogs .....

Anonymous said...

If you don't know what to do than keep your mouth shut! And btw they are confusing maybe you but NOT NOT everybody
My use of the internet and ignoring whomever is NOT mevazeh no one
And finally at the rate it's going this so called state of Israel will disappear BEFORE the moshiach! So who really cares if some pieces of land will be transferred

Anonymous said...

Heard a great vort from Yankel Miller,he said I have 100% proof that no one actually pays attention what he is praying about,because if you did,every time you say "TALMIDEI CHACHAMIM MARBIM SHALOM BEOLAM"
You would have to burst out laughing .
Unfortunately this is not joke,it is true.
Look at the two Satmar gangster brothers at each other throats and fighting in courts for he last 18 years,look at the two Bobover fools,look at the Eida Hachreidis Israel hating talibans Rabbi Weiss and Rav Moishe Sternbuch
Fighting with each other trying to prove who is the bigger Israel hater,look at Yeshivas Ponovich,where the police have to show up every couple of weeks to break up fights between the factions supporting Markowits and the ones supporting Kahanman.
Look at the Agudah ,first the litvishe world split from the Hasidic faction,and now the litvishe themselves are at each other throats,and look at the gangsters from Shas how they have split into two factions,
Need I to go on .

Sam said...

ich herr

Anonymous said...

Does anyone take the douchebag DIN seriously?! For Pete's sake the dudee can't even spell his name. He's a Satmar OTD who lives in Williamsburg and thinks that by regurgitating other opinions he's brilliant. Go get on with your lives!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last commenter. DIN is a douchebag. And an ignoramus one at that. Why does anyone even visit here?

Dusiznies said...

Hey "Tzaddik" could you please tell my readers what a "douchebag" is? So that my readers can know how a "ben torah" who supports the fanatic R' Auerbach, talks.