Thursday, March 12, 2015

Not voting is like desecrating G-d :Reb Chaim Kanievsky defying Satmar, Eida Hachareidis who call voting "Tuma"

"Whoever does not vote is responsible for all the damaged caused by that choice," said Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky at a United Torah Judaism rally on Wednesday..
Meanwhile, The Hisachdas Ha'ganovim, the Eida Hachreidis call voting "Becheeros Ha'temeios" the Tumedika voting"
These Meshigoim still don't realize that the State is a fact and that their entire Shitah is false and opposite of reality!
The Rabbis  were wrong when the advised pre-WW2 Jews to remain in Europe and are wrong now.... but they are brainwashing generations to think like the Arabs!

Der Goy Headline...calling voting "Tumah" 

Der Blatt Headline calling the Voting "Prohibited"

Tens of thousands from the ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi community gathered for a pre-election rally in support of United Torah Judaism in Bnei Brak on Wednesday.

 Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky told the crowd at the rally that "anyone who does not vote is desecrating G-d's name. Whoever does not vote is responsible for all the damaged caused by that choice."

The United Torah Judaism alliance made of up two smaller haredi parties -- Degel Hatorah and Agudat Israel -- traditionally does not do much campaigning until shortly before the election, when it typically holds a single central event at which its rabbis and supporters speak.

Officials from the group's Lithuanian sect spoke at the rally, including leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman. Rabbi Shteinman is not known for public speaking, and his speech at the rally was less than a minute long. "We are obligated to sanctify the name of G-d and to behave according to the Torah," he told the crowd.

Despite the rally's success, members of United Torah Judaism are concerned that they may have missed the boat in terms of garnering votes.
"[Agudat Israel faction head Yakov] Litzman gained popularity with his work with the Health Ministry and [Degel Hatorah MK Moshe] Gafni was praised for his work with the Knesset Finance Committee -- many people who would vote for United Torah Judaism have spoken up," one party official said. "But I think that if we had started campaigning earlier and working harder in the secular community, we could have gotten many more votes."


Anonymous said...

So in other words, to defy satmar they had to search for some old mentally sick person who they say wrote a few words IF HE WROTE IT!

Dusiznies said...

You don't really need "some old mentally sick person" to "defy Satmar"
anyone who has eyes and ears knows that the Satmar SHIT'ah is irrelevant and not reality!

Anonymous said...

The State of Israel is not perfect, OK but at least we have sovereignty in the land. Does Satmar even know how much money the State has given to Torah study? Redemption is a process. The process has started and I am worried some of these guys will simply miss it. Given the recent Draft Bill and Geyrus Bill, the frum in Eretz Yisroel cannot afford not to vote. By not voting one is defacto supporting the Chilonim’s efforts to destroy Torah in E”Y. By paying people not to vote, Satmar is actively destroying Torah in E”Y now with their actions. the Rebbe R’ Yoel may have opposed Zionism, but having talked to Talmidimof his (who are rabbanim) they all say he would not support these actions today given what is going on. Shame on Satmar, you are now complicit with the Draft Law, Geyrus Law, and all the other anti-Torah things in Israel by paying people not to vote. We need UTJ and Shas in power to protect Torah in E”Y, and by opposing them they are anti-Torah. Please Satmar stop your chilul hashem and vote to save Torah Study. Save Israel from becoming completely secular