Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letter to Satmar Rebbi, R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum

The following "Letter to the Editor: appeared  in this week's  Mishpacha Magazine..I applaud the editors for allowing this letter to appear!
Satmar Rebbi spewing hate against the host country, Israel
Let's Get Real
(Satmar's Inner Sanctum/Issue 443)
Kol hakovod to the Satmar Rav, Reb Zalman Leib,  for adhering to the philosophy of his holy ancestors. However, in reality, the Satmar Rav has recognized the State of Israel, de facto, merely by visiting it.
 If it weren't for the Zionists, the Rav wouldn't have an airport in which to land. If it weren't for the IDF, he wouldn't feel safe being in the medinah. If it weren't for the Israeli police (plaincloths, no doubt), he wouldn't have the security force needed. If it weren't for the Zionist infrastructure, he wouldn't have roads to drive on, or gas for his rented car, for that matter. Nor would he have plumbing, electricity, or any of the other infrastructure necessary for this chasunah.
 If it weren't for the medina, I doubt if the chasunah would be taking place there at all. (What would Palestine look like if it weren't for the medinah, chas v'shalom?).

The time has come to recognize facts on the ground. While the medinah was not formed by the biggest yerei Shamayim, and while there are those in the medinah who seek to undermine the very basis of the holy Torah, the fact is that the medinah exists and all Jews benefit from it, whether they want to admit it or not.
A. Schwartz
Brooklyn, NY.

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Anonymous said...

real stupid.

As if Eretz Yisroel beofre the tzionim did not have airports, water, electric, security or all the infastructure needed for a country.