Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hamodia going "Frum Crazy" removes photo of Ladies shoes from picture! Insane!

Original Picture on left, Photoshopped picture on right

An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper, has caused controversy after they photoshopped a picture that had a woman’s shoe in it. 

The paper took out the woman’s shoe from the picture claiming modesty reasons.

Many believe that the owners of the Hamodia newspaper, have gone overboard by removing the woman’s shoe, thereby suggesting that when ultra-Orthodox Jewish men look at women’s shoes they could become aroused.

The Hamodia newspaper, published an article about the fire department being called when a baby crawled into a bedroom, closed the door and played with a shoe drawer. When the mother went to get her baby from the room she could not open the door, as the baby had fallen asleep and blocked the entrance. Firefighters were able to safely open the door and rescue the baby.

When they came into the room, someone took a picture of the sleeping baby next to the open shoe drawer.

The Hamodia newspaper, wanted to report the story and a family member gave the picture to a staff member. But when the article was published things were different as the photo has been photoshopped and the woman’s shoes were taken out from the photo.

In the photo the shoes were not worn by a woman, nor was it some sexy stilettos shoe, it was simple, flat, everyday shoes.

When asked about the censorship, the Hamodia staff said the paper allows photos of accessories such as handbags, but censors women's clothing, including shoes even if no one is wearing them, “for modesty reasons.”

This begs the question of where does the insanity end? Will they now ban all shoe stores from displaying women’s shoes, or will they demand men’s and women’s shoes to be sold separately?


Anonymous said...

I jerk off from women's shoes. Thanks Hamodia

Frum_schmekel said...

I jerk off as well

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Why don't they ban pictures of babies, since all babies come from that certain place of women? In fact, why don't they ban pictures of men for the same reason?

Anonymous said...

Don't they know that storing mens and womens shoes together can lead to mixed dancing?

Anonymous said...

see 'kooloytoyra' "no frumkite by the temple"

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