Monday, February 11, 2013

Fraidy Reiss speaks out against the Frum Community, Video

A sad trend is emerging in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, as women who have lived a sheltered and pure life for most of their life, feel the need to go out in the world and explore what “they are missing”. While there are many people who find the beauty of the holy Torah, these women have suffered in one way or another and they hope that by running from the pain, to “the real” world they might somehow be better off. Some of these “runaway” women speak out publicly about their situation. Now, another woman has released a video about her life as an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, her marriage and her life as a non-practicing Jew. Fraidy Reiss, was 19-years-old when she was married and she moved to Lakewood, New Jersey, as is the norm for hundreds of young married couples. In Lakewood, New Jersey, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish men study the Torah, while the women go out to work. Sadly for Reiss, her husband turned out to be violent. Reiss had no one to turn to for help and she felt trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. When Reiss went to the police for a restraining order against her husband, the local rabbis were outraged. At that time, it was unheard for a Jewish woman to go to the police. Today, it has become a regular occurrence for ultra-Orthodox Jewish women to go to the police with allegations against their husbands. At that time, the rabbis took Reiss to court and made her retract her allegations. Reiss left the community and she went to college. She graduated from Rutgers University at age 32. Her family disowned her after she chose to no longer cover her hair as is the custom for ultra-Orthodox Jewish women. With a degree in journalism, Reiss was hired as a reporter in New Jersey. In 2007, her reporting won her an award for outstanding journalism. Reiss got her divorce and she gained full custody of her children. She also got a final restraining order against her former husband. Reiss, founded Unchained At Last, according to her website. Unchained At Last is managed by a team of volunteers, each of whom escaped or avoided her own arranged marriage. Their slogan is: “un-arrange a marriage, re-arrange life”. Reiss is also a member of the UJA-Federation’s Task Force on Family Violence.
Fraidy Reiss
Now, the other side of the story!
Letters to Failed Messiah

Its truly a shame that Fraidy continues to stand on her soap box and lie. She was never a typical yeshiva girl. She was never forced into any marriage. They were boyfriend and girlfriend before they got married. Her family , aside for one sister, didnt speak to her for many years BEFORE she got married. He never punched any walls or threatened her. She used to make out with him all the time, before and after the wedding. Doesn't sound like someone who "despised" her husband!! She lived in a beautiful home on White Road, drove a Infiniti, went to the movies and went to clubs with her husband!!! She just makes up stories so she can get attention. You can verify it with anyone. Trust me, she was a regular girl who had everything going for her. She chose to become irreligious, which shes entitled to do!! Her husband didnt say one word when she started wearing pants and stopped covering her hair. Just imagine for a moment if she was actually honest... She would say " Hi, my name is Fraidy...I grew up as a little rebel, my husband treated me like a queen and I decided I had enough of the religion and wanted to leave town" That wouldnt sell too many books, movies etc... She also never fought for custody of her children as her husband NEVER fought it. Have her show you the court documents and you will see what a blatant liar she is. She spits in the face of journalism by professing to be a journalist and continuing her string of lies and web of deceit. Bottom line is..... Fraidy ain't no Chaya Suri!!

. . . quite a creative mind, dripping with irony and sarcasm. . . on her wedding day happily walking to her execution with a big smile on her face and an ugly gown. . . is this what is meant by women maturing faster than men. It seems to me that writing and the excape that it provides will be perfect for Fraidy.
All that creativity now to be channeled onto to a computer screen rather than an unsuspecting man who just happens to share the same bed with her. What must it be like to close your eyes to someone who despises you but still took on that marriage vow. I will never condone any man abusing his wife, girlfriend or otherwise. But I also do believe firmly that are far too many cases of excapism occuring where some how the man is to blame. And often this is happening with some of the most eloquent speaking women one could ever encounter. That alone is a red flag for me. The drama of the day. Blame him and be elevated by his demise. The good news is that she will have a chance to be on her own long enough to find out that all that pain and darkness are her own unresolved issues. Many possibly triggered by him. But all uniquely her's!
I love how they show these run down streets to make you pity poor fraidy. sorry girl, we all saw your beautiful big home on white street nestled on 2 acres. your not chasidish, you went out on regular shidduch dates like everyone else in the yeshivishe community- no forced marriages here. if you couldnt stand him you could have said "no" to him.
if you no longer wanted to be religious you could have simply walked away. Its not your husbands or your families fault that you had a difficult time leaving your comfort zone. your not living under any threat of harm whatsoever.
what a pity that you still cant let go of all the hate. move on.
i agree with z l i also know her ex husband very well he wouldnt hurt a fly fraidy was a rebel before she got married i guess she never changed i really feel bad for her he is obviously still not happy with herself good luck


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