Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frankfurter from Ami Magazine call on Jews to commit violence against Bloggers!

 Yitzchok Frankfurter
Yes its true, Yitzchok Frankfurter, the editor of Ami Magazine, who is on a mission to re-write Satmar History and cover up the violent history of Satmar, advocates violence on the bloggers in this weeks issue July 11, 2012! This moron goes on to quote a Yam Shel Shlomo that quotes a Terumas Hadeshen "that any Jew may hit another Jew to prevent him from sinning." 
Frankfurter a Satmar backer, that settle their differences thru violence, would love to see "zealous vigilantism." 
He continues:
"the vigilantism of Pinchos celebrated in this week's Torah reading is a case in point." 
Its interesting to note that Pinchos was not chosen as the future leader of Klall Yisroel because of his "zealotry." According to ALL present day poiskim "Zealotry" must meet many conditions and therefore can no longer be practised in the here and now.
The hypocrite has no problem asking his naive readers to download his magazine on ..... (YES you read it here first) ....
the Internet and on the smart phone.
The "Holy" Ami Magazine openly defies the Takanois of the Asifa that prohibited the Internet, with advertising his E-magazine!

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