Sunday, July 8, 2012

Islamists throw man out of window! These are the "people" that the world want Israel to deal with! Video

There is no other way to describe it. It is plain and simple.

Radical Islamists are the most cruel and inhumane people roaming the planet. The sooner the west will win the war on Islamic terror the sooner the world will once again become a more peaceful place.

A video posted on YouTube's website seems to show the Islamists throwing a man to his death, after forcing him out from a third floor window in Syria.

According to the site, the cameraman says, "This is what happens to all traitors who support the  
police or Shabbiha Syrian government militia." The man, identified as Wael Abu Rashid, is shouting, "In God's name, no," as he is forced out of the window.

The video was shot last week in a block of flats in Nabk, 80 kilometers north of Damascus. Both parties to the conflict have been slammed by human rights organizations for abuses, including torture.

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