Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frum 12 Year Old Killed after "sand Tunnel" he built collapses! Video

The scene at the sand tunnel
A Frum boy suffered a fatal injury when a sand tunnel he was building at the beach collapsed.
The  12-year old Ezra Cornman was enjoying a day at Long Branch beach, New Jersey, with his mother and brother.
The tunnel, which measured about six feet long and was about two to three feet below the surface, completely submerged him.

A witness, Iris Tergola of Staten Island, told what happened.

'We were sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean, and we saw someone jump with a shovel, who ran over to a little boy,' she said.
Ms Tergola said that lifeguard responded to the trapped boy immediately.
The boy was unconscious and had blood coming out of his nose after he was pulled from the sand.
A local policewoman, Officer Heather Valdes, gave him CPR until the rescue crew arrived.
'I didn't know if he was alive at that time or not,' said Ms Tergola.
The boy was taken to intensive care at Monmouth Medical Center.
Unfortunately, the accident provoked another incident, which resulted in further injury.
A fire truck responding to the emergency hit a 46-yer-old man who was carrying his four year-old daughter on the nearby paved promenade.
Richard Polasdas, from Lakewood, Colorado, was in Long Branch for a family reunion.
He had to throw his child to the ground, out of the way of the truck, and suffered a broken hip when he was struck.
The infant was treated for abrasions. reports that the truck was travelling at low speed and had its flashing lights and sirens on when it struck Mr Polasdas.

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