Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Prominent Democrat, Evelyn Garcia, calls Israel a "murderous state"

Evelyn Garcia

A prominent official of the Democrat party calls Israel a murderous state that must be stopped.

Evelyn Garcia, a member of the Democratic National Committee of Palm Beach County, Florida resigned on Monday after emails appeared in which she harshly criticized Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

Garcia, candidate for State House District 88, which includes parts of West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach, said she would continue campaigning for the seat. She apologized for her comments and called them "ugly" and "painful."

The emails were provided anonymously to the local leaders of the Democratic Party last week, the leaders said. In each case, the recipient's name was erased. Some of them seem to have been written for a congressional aide in South Florida.

"The continued Israeli occupation of Palestine is ugly on moral, ethical, religious and legal standpoint," Garcia said in an email on July 26 2011. "The Palestinians had nothing to do with the
Holocaust and it is time that this guilt trip is stripped from them.  I detest that U.S. taxpayer funds are being used for the continued Israeli aggression."

In that same email, Garcia accused Israel of confiscating land and building illegal settlements in the occupied territories as well as "raids that kill people, destroy civilian homes and infrastructure in all the mass prison camps and concentration camps, etc.”

In another email she said "Just as U.S. slavery has stopped so Israel must be stopped."

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