Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1986 Murder of Jewish Child, Chaim Weiss, still unsolved. Coverup?

Before the internet and before Leiby Kletzky there was a MURDER in 1986. The largest cover-up perpetrated by frum jews in the 20th century. The murderer is still free. WHY? 

Chaim Weiss, 15, was found dead in his dormitory room at the Mesivta Yeshiva of Long Beach early on the morning of Nov. 1, 1986. The youth had been stabbed repeatedly by someone who evidently was well acquainted with the dormitory and its routine. At first, there was speculation that the murder might have been an act of anti-Semitic violence because of harassment of the Orthodox Jewish boys who attended the yeshiva. However, the investigation soon revealed that Chaim Weiss's murderer was knowledgeable about religious customs. A window had been left open slightly in the victim's room, which, according to Orthodoxy, enables the spirit of the dead to depart. Beyond that, a lighted mourning candle was placed on Chaim's desk. The victim's father, Anton Weiss of Staten Island, eventually grew disenchanted with how the Nassau police were handling the case. He said he felt that the police had been ''outsmarted,'' and he requested the naming of a special prosecutor. That was never done. ''There was very little to find in the way of leads,'' Lieutenant Nolan said. ''We were dealing with a group that holds very different mores. But eventually, we were able to interview everyone in the school, as well as all past and present employees. ''We couldn't even find out why Chaim was killed. To this day, we can't positively state whether it was from inside or outside of the school.''
For a more extensive discussion on the murder .... read the following thread:
Read especially the poster:"CCMMZE" who must have been a classmate of Chaim.


IsraelReader said...

I believe that there was a cover up in this murder, but not by frum Jews. To the contrary, the Jews would have no problem bringing the murderer to justice!

Reading through various discussions of the case, I suspect that the murderer the Polish janitor at the yeshiva that was fired some time before the murder. He was furious about this, and he suspected that Chaim hy”d had complained about him to the yeshiva, which caused his termination. He therefore sought to take revenge from him.

The fired janitor knew the combination how to get in to the building, and also knew the layout of the dorm very well. Moreover, he knew exactly which room Chaim slept in. This fits in very well with media reports that the murderer evidently was well acquainted with the dormitory and its routine.

After Chaim was murdered, the murderer lit a memorial candle there. The first thought is, that if the murderer was Jewish, he would not want to call attention to his identity by lighting the candle! This leads me to conclude that the murderer was somewhat knowledgeable about religious customs, but didn’t know enough about them!

We must remember that the murder took place on Shabbat, and even a simple Jew knows that a memorial candle is not lit on Shabbat. This seems to point that the killer was not a Jew, but someone who had association with Jews, in this case, the non-Jewish janitor.

I theorize that the Polish janitor wanted to cover his tracks, and give the impression that the killer is someone who adheres to the customs of Israel. Being that there is a Jewish custom to light a memorial candle in honor of the deceased, it would naturally be assumed that the murderer was Jewish, which is precisely why he brought along a candle to the crime scene. In the end, this in fact did throw off the investigation!

In my opinion, the investigation into the janitor hasn’t been exhausted, and should be reopened. I don’t believe that he was even questioned using a lie detector! At the time he did fall under suspicion, but he presented an alibi which has been shown to be possibly quite weak, which is why I suggest reopening the investigation into him.

Perhaps there was a cover up by certain parties who didn’t want to provoke racial tensions (Jews vs. Poles), or didn’t want to see a member of the armed forces fall under suspicion…

IsraelReader said...

I must correct my comments, as it seems that the (additional) memorial candle was mysteriously lit on the 2nd or 3rd day, and not the night of the murder.

I also especially recommend reading the comments of poster:"RebZissel", who seems very much on the mark.

S. said...

>We must remember that the murder took place on Shabbat, and even a simple Jew knows that a memorial candle is not lit on Shabbat.

Takke! And you also don't murder someone on shabbos. QED.

Anonymous said...

He was Murdered by the Janitor. But not because he was fired. The Janitor Was My pacient.

Yankee French Girl said...

What would be the relationship between the Janitor and the murdered boy?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Scott White said...

This story has been around for many years without "closure" to the family!

Today, we have advanced DNA and other scientific advancements.

Even recently a 40 year old Cold Case was successively been "resolved".

If anyone has connection to the Long Beach prosecutor or the detectives who worked on the case please email me at: ScottWhitemm@Gmail.com

I just feel for the family who have been suffering the horrific crime against them and their OBM.

Please, I need your involvement before Rosh HaShanah!

Scott White

Blogger said...

This story gives me the creeps.. be careful who you hire and who you fire and how. This poor boy and his family. Am i understanding the story that the janitor was murdered and then the boy? or the janitor was not murdered? and def the case should be reopened!