Friday, May 4, 2012

Lubavitch not invited to "Internet" asifa, because "Lubavitch is not part of Klal Yisroel!

Satmar Rav asked Rav Malkiel Kotler why Lubavitch wasn't invited to the gathering that will talk about the evils of the Internet. Rav Kotler supposedly answered because  "Lubavitch isn't part of Klal Yisroel"! 
Nice way to make an Asifah during the Sefirah , excluding a major Chassidis that founded the Kiruv movement!
If this is in fact true, everyone with brains should boycott this gathering!
This coming May 21st, thousands of Orthodox Jews from all walks of life will descend upon the Citi-Field baseball stadium in Queens, NY to demand action on curbing the dangerous influences of the internet on the their community. Actually, Orthodox Jews fromalmost all walks of life will attend; while every Jewish community in the region received a delegation from the organizers begging them to attend, one particular group of Orthodox Jews was not invited: Lubavitch. One blogger says he knows why. 

From Hirschel Zig's Blog:

This week's meeting with the Satmar Rebbe is only one example of the exclusionary tactics being used by the organizers of the Internet event on ער“ח סיון הבעל”ט. You can choose not to believe what I write here, if it makes you feel good, but I know it to be 1000% true.

Many efforts were made to get the organizers to include Lubavitch in this asifa. They were all rejected. For all kinds of supposed reasons. All people involved got the run-around, and the end result was that we got the message. Even the Skulener Rebbe said it has nothing to do with him; “איך בין אן אלטער איד און מען שלעפט מיר ארום”. Those were his words.

Even supposed friends of Lubavitch that are involved could do nothing. Lubavitch was not wanted here. Apparently some of the organizers, or do we say “THE” organizer from Gateshead/Lakewood, thinks that it's his klal yisroel and he decides who's in and who's not. And this week they made it perfectly clear to the Satmar Rebbe of KJ that they don't want Lubavitch there. That they're not part of Klal Yisroel, to paraphrase R' Malkiel Kotler. This is a kinus for part of klal yisroel, not klal yisroel. Not even all of the Ultra-Orthodox.

In case I wasn't clear enough, here's what happened:

A delegation that included the Skulener Rebbe, one of his sons, R' Matisyahu Salomon, R' Malkiel Kotler and the Viener Rov/Rebbe of Williamsburg went to the see the Satmar Rebbe of KJ this week. I think it was Monday night. They went there to convince him to sign on to the big Internet gathering.

They need him, because if he doesn't sign on then his people won't go, and that means thousands of empty seats at Citifield. (which is normal there, from what I understand...) He doesn't want to go or send his people because he deals with the issue in his own way, he doesn't need some darshan for ladies (no offense) tell him what he should do to keep his kids safe. And most of all, if he doesn't call the gathering, he's not going. He doesn't play second fiddle to nobody. So he comes up with a lame excuse about 1866 Hungary, which everybody knows he doesn't believe, but they can't tell him that, because, you know, it isn't respectful.

But how does he make that point? He asks them why one segment of klal yisroel, several thousand Jews with black hats, Lubavitch, namely, why they're not invited, why they haven't been asked to sign on to the kol korehs and get their students and fathers to come?

So supposedly RMK said something like “they're not part of Klal Yisroel; that even though you daven in Chabad in Palm Springs I would rather daven B'Yechidus if I was in that situation.” So the SR used that to tell them, that just like he does that because he has a mesorah from his zeide and from the late Ponovizher Rosh Yeshivah, so too does he have a mesorah from his zeides. And his mesorah goes back to 1866 Hungary, not 1946 Brooklyn. (could we have expected him to stand up and condemn that statement?...)


Anonymous said...

THis is a fabricated lie. Spoke to Satmarer Rebbe's Gabai.

There was abosolutely no such talk there.

You can call the Gabai yourself and check it out.

Anonymous said...

It's not too late for them to invite Lubavitch. THey can call the World Headquarters in 770 Eastern Parkway and make arrangements in time.

Anonymous said...

What is the Gabbai's number?

Anonymous said...

just think for a moment if it is even possible that a Rav would even say this in public in front of other rabbonim
obviously NOT
and the truth is no one feels that way either
all that was said when asken if chabad was attending that they usually dont participate in such events
actually chabad was invited by the skulener rebbe formally
and factually chabad formally stated that they endorse chabad chassidim to go if they feel they need the chizuk even though chabad has already addressed this issue in similar context last year
you must be careful not to spread hate and lashon hara with your blog especially when it is NOT TRUE

to see a public statement written by rav malkiel kotler:

Dusiznies said...

I stand by everything I said, the link provided by Aon 5:09 is a letter that wasnt signed and isnt on offical BMG Letterhead..
The Skulaner rebbe shlitah did in fact invite chabad after this incident .....