Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jewish teen commits suicide after being abused and turned away by Yeshivah!

When will the Roshei Yeshuvas do something about this? Children are being denied access to schools and we wonder why they go off the derech! Our opinion is that all Yeshivas must make space to any child that wants to learn Torah, yes even trouble makers. If the Yeshivah leaders can't handle it, they should seek other employment, then this job is not for them... let's STOP supporting the "elite" Yeshivas.

Read the following and weep!
From YeshivahWorld.

‘Y’, a child of a Yerushalayim chareidi family took his own life R”L. Family members blame the school he attended as a young child, apparently the victim of abuse.
According to an exclusive Kikar Shabbat report, Y attended the reputable chareidi school five years ago. His father was hospitalized with a serious illness during the same time period. Apparently the directors and staff of the yeshiva simply ignored the child’s difficult situation at home, and this is when the child’s situation began to deteriorate.
Y’s parents however remained determined to do their best for their son and they tried to get Y into another school. This during the time period the father was still hospitalized but nevertheless he learned with Y to assist in preparing him for the change of schools.
When the other school informed the family that Y was accepted they felt there was finally a ray of sunshine, a new hope. Unfortunately, the simcha was short lived as they learned that a principle of the old school phoned the new one, informing them the child is “very problematic” and the acceptance into the school became a rejection.
At this point, Y’s condition began to deteriorate more rapidly, and it was not too long until he moved to the north. It is pointed out that despite his change of venue he remained in touch with his parents and the family. Two weeks ago, Y, now 19, called and asked if he can come home for Shabbos. His parents were thrilled and they all enjoyed the special Shabbos. Y was singing zmiros and even got up for davening on Shabbos morning.
After davening he asked his father to open the Aron Kodesh and he placed his head inside between the sifrei torah and spoke to HKBH as he wept bitterly, as the family described the event. Two weeks later he was gone, taking his own life. The teen left a note which he wrote two days earlier.
At the levaya, one of the maspedim, HaRav Binayahu Shmueli spoke. “Woe is to us that teachers destroy talmidim and now we see the result. I personally know the deceased and the family. The problem is that today, anyone looking to earn a livelihood becomes a teacher. Today, not every teacher understands educations, and it is most unfortunate because of the failed system he fell”.
In a conversation with Kikar, a brother is quoted as adding “His rabbonim killed him. I learned in the same school and I know the situation first hand. The teachers killed him. I remember that period very well, when he wanted to come back to school and they did not permit him to. Even if a child is a joker and troublemaker, they must know how to deal with him and not to break him”.
“Perhaps our tragedy will shake the tzibur, awaken someone, and that everyone seeking to earn a living will not be hired as a teacher”.


Been there said...

Most yeshivos accept AND have plenty of trouble makers in their yeshivah. Walk into any one and you'll see for yourself.
The trouble starts when the kid is already off the derech but the parents and friends are not aware of it or worse yet they are just in denial.
Regular yeshivos are not equipped to or established to deal with such kids. Just like regular yeshivos are not equipped to deal with newly baal t'shvah kids. Especially if those off the derech kids are detrimental to the other kids and to the yeshiva in general.

There are plenty of yeshivos that deal with such kids
successfully and thats where they belong in spite of the parents objections. Thats where they have the only chance of succeeding.
So stop blaming the yeshivos for all ills that befall you. Look out after your children and make sure to keep in constant contact with their teachers and maybe you won't run into issues like these.
Last but not least remember that your children's spiritual well being comes BEFORE your vacation and your relaxation and you having a good time, even if for 'just a few days' or 'just a few hours',

Anonymous said...

You claim that this only happens when the kids are already off the derech and not that kids go OTD because the yeshivos don't want them if they are not of the Elite (i.e. smart, rich or meyuchos)?

And you think parents are in denial????

Just the other side said...

If you only hear the parents side of the story, MAYBE maybr they will admit that the kid is not perfect but......

Well find out the other side - the yeshivah's side - as well. If you are not biased, you'll be shocked in how much denial the parents are, and what the yeshivah is up against.

Now lets get something very straight. It is the nature of parents not to hear or not to accept negative things about their offspring - G-D's nature. But that does NOT mean that the yeshivahs are wrong or at least that they are not as terrible as the bloggers make them.
If your child has a ear ache you take them to the doctor. If he has deep rooted issues, sometimes you have to take them to the "doctor Yeshiva" and you just are abusing those children by leaving them in a "mainstream" yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

You might not know it yet, "Been there", but I bet your kids secretly hate you.