Monday, May 14, 2012

Frum Guy beaten because he refuses to give a "get"

An Orthodox Jewish man from Queens allegedly tied up and beat his estranged son-in-law — and then forced him to recite the words for a rabbi-sanctioned divorce known as a “get.”
Robert Klein

“There were four guys in black ski masks. They pulled me, and they started beating me,” said Robert Klein, 25, of Brooklyn. He said they also took his cellphone and credit card.
“They tied my hands and feet. blindfolded me, beat me and made me repeat, ‘I want to give a get, and I’m doing so willingly and freely,’ ” said Klein, who is in a bitter divorce battle with wife Reva in Queens Supreme Court. The couple split after 10 months of marriage
Reva Klein

Under Jewish tradition, the husband must consent to a divorce.

Klein’s father-in-law, Brian Hirshman, 52, was charged with robbery and assault yesterday.
Klein said that after he was ambushed by Hirshman and the others, he mumbled the words they made him say.
“If they recorded it, they would know it was forced. I checked with the rabbis, and it’s not considered a valid get. It wasn’t written,’’ he said.
A woman who answered the phone at Hirshman’s home declined to comment.

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