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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yoel Malik molests boys and gets 60 days

The Holy Tzaddik Yoeli Malik
All you have to do is wear  a big beard and langeh pie'is and belong to the Satmar community, have sex with a bunch of teenagers, and all you'll  get is 60 days in the slammer.

The victims were forced to shut up! 

So Satmar curses the Medina and the Zionists but lets sex fiends like "Malik the Monster" walk!

This is one sick society .... These teenagers are ruined for life and this bastard will dip his eggs in  saltwater at the Seder Table in the comforts of his home.
If he were a Puerto Rican, the Satmars would be screaming at the top of their lungs, but because he "chaps shrayim" from the Rebbe, and hates Israel, he gets away with murder .... and I mean murder!

Here read about a Goyishe School Teacher    that had sex with a boy and faces 5 life sentences plus 100 years...
and this Israel Hater gets 60 days!

A Brooklyn rabbi charged with sexually abusing four teenage boys in a hotel was sentenced to 60 days in jail and six years of probation.
Yoel Malik, 33, a highly regarded member the Satmar Hasidic sect, was given the generous plea deal after the victims were extremely reluctant to testify publicly, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.
In 2013, Malik was charged with 28 criminal counts and shamelessly blamed his underage victims for trying to seduce him, police sources said.
The boys were all students at Ohr Hameir, a now-shuttered Satmar yeshiva in Borough Park. The alleged victims were between ages 13 and 16 when the incident occurred.
The rabbi was accused of groping the genitals of all four boys inside motels, prosecutors said after his arrest.
The twisted teacher also allegedly forced two of the boys to perform oral sex on him. One of the victims was also forced to perform oral sex on Malik inside his car parked near a cemetery on a separate occasion, according to prosecutors.
In 2014, he quietly pleaded guilty to a felony of luring a child and a misdemeanor of sexual misconduct, records show.
Over the past two years, he completed a series of probation requirements, including a sex offender class and staying away from children, court records show.
As part of the deal, the felony was dismissed upon completion of the intense probation supervision.
On Tuesday, he was sent to Rikers Island for 60 days for the misdemeanor offense.
Advocates for child sex-abuse victims questioned the deal.
"What DA [Ken] Thompson has done is inexplicable," said Ben Hirsch, a spokesman for Survivors for Justice, an organization that advocates and educates on issues related to child sex abuse. "Through unexplained plea deals such as this he has effectively quashed any willingness on the part of victims to come forward."
Malik's lawyer contended his client wasn't getting off easy.
"I will concede he wasn't burnt at the stake," Roger Bennet Adler said sarcastically. "He wasn't stoned running through the village."
It’s a “significant” punishment when any first-time offender gets sentenced to jail, he added.
"Most people would be scared out of their minds," he said, referring to time on Rikers 


william gran said...

Not sure if its worth it like to trim my beard hair starts getting in the food

Echter yid said...

Why do we cry ? Let me learn you and educate you people,? If a pedophile is a jew ? Be aware he could get away with his crimes, ? Or he would get a sweet deal ?

Anonymous said...

An employee of Malik's yeshiva, Joel Moshe (Yoili) Pinter, was also arrested for molesting the bochurim.

Bobov 45 ausvarf Pinter has a long criminal history for genayvos & drugs. He snuck into the Bobover camp & molested girls. He was also running a bais zoynos for heimishe avaryonim. There was a tekufa he was stealing from hoyzen in mikvaos every morning.

From pictures it appears he wears Litivishe levush & shaves.

Pinter was also arrested twice in NJ & once in Calif

13th Ave said...

Chanie said...

At least it's Riker's where he has a good chance of being on the receiving end and encountering similar or worse experiences than he's accustomed to.

Boor-o Park said...

The Kings Highway molester Colmer, known as Colmo the Homo, is back, currently living in Boro Park. He got away with it for a long time because Ohel was covering up for him.

When Mirrer yeshiva banned him from stepping foot in the building he moved to Passaic. He ran to Israel after Passaic rabbonim issued a warning about him. UOJ discovered he was hiding in Israel under the alias "Dovid Cohen" (Ohel's posek) and had him arrested. When he was extradited to Rikers Island he was calling Rabbi Gornish to ask him kashrus questions about the prison kitchen.

gay aveck said...

Ron Yosef, an openly gay Orthodox rabbi and leader of the HOD organization seeking to provide a framework for homosexual religious Jews to stay within Judaism, was arrested on Sunday over suspicions of fraud and theft, NRG reported.

According to police reports, Yosef in the past allegedly stole 300,000 shekels from a building firm he was then working for, using fraudulent credit cards taken out in the company’s name.

When his employer discovered the theft and demanded the money be returned, Yosef allegedly posted false public statements claiming he was suffering from cancer and in desperate need of donations.

According to the allegations, Yosef then used the money collected based on his false cancer claims to repay his former employer.

Yosef first entered the public spotlight in 2008 when he founded HOD, an organization providing guidance to religious LGBT Israelis. Yosef himself came out as gay a year later.

Despite his orientation and Judaism's explicit forbidding of homosexuality in the Torah, Yosef continues to identify as an Orthodox Jew.

Anonymous said...

The torah only forbids acting out. Di u have any proof that that he acted out his homosexuality?:

Anonymous said...

Good to own the politicians!

Echter yid said...

I would like to inform the Jewish community and to all commentating over here, that yoli maliks father calls himself ,samberer ruv, in Williamsburg Brooklyn, he wants to get away from paying taxes so all his real estate buildings and properties has a sign (bies hamedrish vekolel aharon zev samber) So it looks like his father is a gangster so someone of the family decided to be a pedophile,,so I would suggest that his father should put a sign on his sons yolis jail cell to ,bies hamedrish vekolel aharon zev samber,?, so it looks like that if you are a samber chusid you don't have to pay taxes, put a congregation sign on your properties,?,and,plus you can be a pedophile,?

NYC Marshall said...

NYC has lately been cracking down on the fake yeshivos who get out of property tax & other taxes. A shyster in Boro Park was recently nailed on a large retail store that for years paid no tax.

Echter yid said...

Unfortunately I no from a few rabunim who are still playing this kind of games putting everything on a congregation name to avoid paying taxes And plain people to, lots of people are putting their names on congregation or on corporations, LLC,? Just to avoid paying taxes,,

Echter yid said...

Yep yep yep same old crap, its Brooklyn district attorney, as long we hear the name ,Brooklyn district attorney,? A pedophile could even be charged with, 28 counts, and still or get away with nothing at all,? Or get probation?or just ,(60)days,? Its still Brooklyn district attorney times unfortunately? we went from one corrupted district attorney to another corrupted Brooklyn district attorney unfortunately ? First it was Charles Hines, now it's Ken Thompson ,? That's the entire difference, it doesn't look that the Brooklyn district attorney's are ready for change,? Especially when it comes to sexual abuse? And especially when it comes to Jewish cases of sexual abuse?

Echter yid said...

Yoli malik your going with long long peyos and a long beard ? And plus a yarmulke? is a disgrace for every single jew ?, it would be the biggest biggest mitzva if you could just cut off your totally your long curls, and your long beard,? And donate it to children with cancer,? Why do you need at all such long payos and a beard, ?does it make easier for you to catch a boy and to molest him,? By having such long payos and such a big beard,? Why the dam to you need it at all,? You just need to molest children ? But take off your long payos and your long beard for gods sake,? And call yourself yoli kalik,

Echter yid said...

We would like to wish a very very warm mazel tov congratulations (to the parents of the victim of dascalowitz case,) after suffering tremendously almost ,8, years, hashem helped them and he brought in into their house a little bit light,,a simcha a happiness a smile with the engagement of their daughter, hashem should help them that in the zechus of this simcha they should be able to start smiling and be happy a little bit after suffering so much the past,8,years, and the shiduch should be a kesher shell kayuma and a binyan adie add,,and it should bring a total change in their house mazel tov,

fresser said...

Mazal tov takka, kiddush, kiddush!

Dusiznies said...

Mazal Tov Mazal Tov

william gran said...

Echter how do we know if anyone after the holocaust stayed frum just for these benefits like tax deductions do u think there was all of a sudden a return to frumkeit cause everyone wanted to do tshuva

miri said...

This is a lie, Malik is innocent, I was involved in the case and he was frames and we know the people who did it, maybe before passing judgment all you haters should learn the truth