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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mir Yerusalyim will have Shiurim in Ivrit ...Yiddish is out!

Nu nu ... what will the Satmar bochrim in Mir do?
They only speak and understand Yiddish and Hungarian.
They will have to leave because according to the Holy Rebbe R' Yoel, Ivrit is a "Tumedik" language, and I understand that Rav Finkel and Rav Shmuelevitz cannot understand  or speak Hungarian. 

Satmar & other Chasidishe Yeshivos speak neither Yiddish or English ...
Their Yiddish vocabulary is a meager 200 word vocabulary. Like when they want to buy  soup they say
"ge'mmir a zip"
But if the Chassidishe Yeshivas taught in Hebrew the bochrum would have had and easier time learning.
When you study Torah in Hebrew, it becomes natural & ingrained.
 The average Israeli elementary yeshiva student knows much more than
the average High School Yeshiva student ...

Now let's see what the Torah Ha'Kdoshe says about the Hebrew language....
Look in
Devarim 11:19

[And you shall teach them to your sons,] to speak with them: From the
moment your son knows how to speak, teach him, “Moses commanded us the
Torah” (Deut. 33:4). Let him learn speech through this (Sukkah 42a).

see Rashi:
From this, our Rabbis taught: When the infant begins to talk, his
father should speak to him in the Holy Tongue, and should teach him
the Torah. If he does not do this, it is as though he buries him, as
it is stated [here], “And you shall teach them to your sons to speak
with them…” [in order that your days may increase, and the days of
your children].

לדבר בם: משעה שהבן יודע לדבר, למדהו תורה צוה לנו משה (דב' לג ד), שיהא
זה למוד דבורו. מכאן אמרו, כשהתינוק מתחיל לדבר אביו מסיח עמו בלשון הקדש
ומלמדו תורה, ואם לא עשה כן הרי הוא כאלו קוברו, שנאמר ולמדתם אותם את
בניכם לדבר בם וגו':

Hundreds of talmidim at Mir Yerushalayim were surprised on Monday morning 13 Adar I when the Rosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Eliezer Yehuda Finkel gave his ‘shiur klalli’ in Hebrew instead of Yiddish, with Yiddish having been the norm for many years.

Kikar Shabbos reports that just days ago, in his shiur, HaGaon HaRav Yaakov Shmuelevitz gave his shiur in Hebrew instead of Yiddish. 

Rav Shmuelevitz recently assumed the post of his late father, HaGaon HaRav Refoel Shmuelevitz ZT”L, who was niftar a few weeks ago.

Talmidim explain the Rosh Yeshiva spoke in Hebrew to avoid having some shiurim in Yiddish and some in Hebrew, hence, he decided to follow the lead of Rabbi Shmuelevitz. 

They further explain the rabbonim understand not all the Israeli talmidim understand the Yiddish, leading to the decision to change to Hebrew to permit everyone to understand. They explain it is better to abandon the long-standing minhag towards everyone understanding a sugya.


Echter yid said...

Is it really a difference if the shiurim are being given in yiddish or in Hebrew.? (Ivrit,?) I think there is a bigger problem than that in mir yeshiva in yerushalayim,? they should first start to deal with the huge problem of bucherim in mir yeshiva driving around with cars on Shabbat, yes I am not afraid to say out loud that mir yeshiva became a place where every single bucher from drug addicts to mechalelie shabusim can end up over there, I wish that my story is false but unfortunately lots of this bucherim are eating Shabbat by a family member of mine and he tells me that there is still bucherim in the yeshiva who are driving around with their cars on Shabbat ,there are bucherim in Israeli rehabs because of becoming addicted to heavy drugs, and there are bucherim who are hanging around with wrong people (including with girls) Again I am getting this information from a family member of mine in Israel ,where bucherim from mir yeshiva are eating by him every single Shabbat, (and I am ready to being based for my comments) from the person giving his name (anonymous)

William Shatner said...

Are there any American rebbeyim in Mir Yerushalayim who might be fluent in Klingon from watching Star Trek as kids? Klingon is very similar to Hungarian.

Yes, I am the cousin of the Schattner from Scheinerman's shul who got sucked into the bittul kiddushin until Belsky was forced to back down. But as my Flatbush cousin puts it, we are many light years apart.

Anonymous said...

Are there actually Satmar bochurim in Mir Israel?

There are Satmar bochurim in BMG Lakewood but that's more understandable for a couple of reasons.

Echter yid said...

Yes indeed their are satmar bucherim in. Mir yeshiva, indeed their is a satmar bucher who's father is a magid shiur in zulis, yeshiva,in Williamsburg Brooklyn, but his bucher was a mechalel Shabbat openly and with other big problems ,so he went and send him away to Israel ,to mirer yeshiva, guess what ? He did the same thing in mirer yeshiva and now he is also quietly going to rehab in Israel for drug abuse,,and he is a first cousin to (( abby stien )) who became a girl, this buchers mother and Abby steins mother are sisters, so I wonder who noes who else is supposedly learning in this mirer yeshiva,? We have already drug abusers,? mechalelie shabusim,? What's next,?

Anonymous said...

Plenty of *besomim* in bmg in israel as well as in nj. Nothing new here.

william gran said...

Echter yid halivai thy went with girls that's more normal than molesting and other crap thy do

Anonymous said...

Yes the father has a obligation that his son understands Lashon hakodesh because that's the language of the Torah, but Hebrew/ivrit is NOT Lashon hakodesh it's a language that was created by a kofer beiker an apikores and mechalel shabbos who dropped dead on shabbos in middle of writing this language, so to give a shiur in this atheistic language made by a rasha who we said on his pegira Baruch hamakom shehorgo is NOT credited as limud hatorah and it's probably the same as sefer Torah shekosvo min

Anonymous said...

And you sound very happy "Yiddish is out" Idiot the Rosh hakofrim announced a plan to build a wall surrounding the entire EY aka going back to the getto? Contradicting what the yemachshemoinik TH writes that once there's going to be a Jewish state, antisemitism will disappear? LOL and now we're back 120 years and in that beautiful country you need to protect yourself like the Nazis protected the Jews

Echter yid said...

Attention attention ,anonymous would like to give out his massage that he was brain washed as a young child in the public school where he learned as a young child ,with the name .u.t.a. this is a public school (1) where every child is a number (2) where they learn one thing to hate every jew who doesn't go in there way and to hate the Israeli government, and to call them the Zionism , (3) you could do the biggest sin in the world and just blame the medinah, every problem just blame the medinah ,