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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Der Blatt Viciously Attacks R' Zalman Leib the Willamsburg Satmar Rebbe in an Editorial!

Just last Sunday, the Zalonie "Rabbonim"  headed by "Motorcade" Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, attacked the Litvisher Gadol, R' Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlitah in a Kol Korah and called him a "maises u'madich" and called for the burning of all R' Shteinman's Seforim! 
The Kol Korah was signed by no less than 40 Satmar "Rabbonim"

So this week, Der Bluteh, the Aroinie yiddish weekly,wrote an editorial attacking the Kol Korah, stating, that attacking any "Gadol" by name (it's apparently Ok to curse Gedoilim by only hinting who they are)
is not the tradition  "we accepted from our Rabbis"

So now it's all out war between the dueling brothers, one of whom is the "Rabbi of the entire Jewish people!"  

Here is a translation of part of the editorial (loose translation):

"Last week, in the Chariedishe streets, there appeared a Kol Korah under the heading 
"Daas Torah from the Rabbonim Geoinim, students of our Holy Rabbi, R' Yoel Teitelbaum z"l"
 that personally attacked the elderly Litvisher leader of Degel Ha'torah party, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlitah. 

The Kol Korah started with a verse from the Torah that called a renegade Rabbi  a "meises u'madiach" and ended with asking the Chareidie community to ostracize him and to burn his seforim!

We don't have to explain to anyone, that the difference between the Haskafois of the above mentioned leader (R' Shteinman)  and the Hashkafois of the Jewish Chareidie world that doesn't kow tow to the Zionists, is as far as east to west. 
to falsify and to shame the shita'h  of  our Rabbi, the Baal Divrei Yoel z"l and other Gedoilei Yisroel that fought against the Zionist plague and all the religious parties, is also as far as east to west. 

To dress up the Kol Korah under the heading of "The students of our Holy Rabbi R' Yoel Teitelbaum" as if this personal attack was how the Rebbi previously acted and was his modus operandi , is  a chutzpeh and an insult to his memory...

The history of our war against Zionism and her parties was never to attack anyone personally in writing. As long as an Agudist Leader or a Rebbe who belonged to the Agudah behaved ok, we only attacked their respective policies but never attacked them personally , except of course if they attacked the holy SHIT'a,  then we  went on the  defense ...

For example, Reb Itche Meir Levin a"h (they wouldn't write z"l)
was the biggest instigator to recruit the post WW2 Jews to the Aguda and then had the Aguda join the first Zionist government.

Our parents told the story that when R' Itche Meir came to a visit to the USA, some people who shall remain anonymous, placed posters erev Shabbos, in the old Satmar Shul on Bedford and Ross Streets, attacking him personally.

When the Rebbe heard about it, he said that he wouldn't step into shul until those posters were removed (thru a gentile, since it was already shabbos).

In 1949, no one thought of attacking the Techbiner Rav personally, even though he had paskened that people should vote in the elections of the Zionist heretic government.

In 1982, when Rav Ovadia Yosef z"l founded the Shas party and brought the entire Sefardic population into the political kitchen of the Zionists, no one even thought to attack him personally ... as a side note, the halachic rulings of Rav Yoisef are brought down in a lot of Teshuvois even in the Heimishe Tshuvois, so the danger of  his  influence is far far greater than a 102 elderly leader that is not a poisek and his seforim are not as famous and so he isn't even a danger and students of R' Yoel z"l have nothing to fear since there is minimal chance that they would even come across his works.  

In 1989, the Ponivitzer Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Menachem Man Shach z"l founded the Degel Hatorah party and shlepped in the entire Litvisher world into Election Kitchen.  
Until he did that and as long as the litvishe were associated with the Aguda party, they were considered (by Aguda) second class citizens and when election time came, they stayed in Yeshiva learning. 
But since 1989, they got caught in the election fever under the leadership of Rav Shach and no one posted a Kol Korah against him personally! 

I will skip to the following Paragraph:

How many battles did we fight against the last Lubavitcher Rebbe z"l over his "Miracle-campaign" during the 6 day war, when he praised the Education Minister Zalman Shazar  stating:
"Kol HaOileh Le'gedulah Moichlim Kol Avanoisef"  (All sins are forgiven to those who are raised to a leadership position)
By the Yom Kippur war, he (Lubavitcher Rebbe) advised the government to march directly to Damascus! 
During the parsha of Entebbe  he was advocating a broader Israel. The fear should have been much greater than today's Litvisher Leader, since Williamsburg borders Crown Heights  yet no one even taught of attacking him by name!

The Editorial keeps going on and on, basically attacking the "motorcade" brother without mentioning his name of course!

The interesting point that I took from this editorial, is that the Shitah of R' Yoel z"l was that as long as you don't mention any names, you can attack anybody even if the attacked is a Rebbe or a leader of thousands of Jewish people!
It's ok to mock Gedoilei Yisroel that don't follow the SHIT'ah as long as you don't mention any names! 

Very nice!

And what's really interesting is, and I gleaned this from the editorial... that it seems that all  Gedoilie Yisroel were for the Medinah, 
Chabad protecting Satmar 


Jerrold Nadler said...

One of my contacts in Satmar tells me that the Ruv also held you can only be meramez people are fat but not actually call them fat. So it's not like DIN plays by the rules either.

Candid Camera said...

Anonymous said...

CHAZAL tell us "PIRUD RESHAIM NOEH LEOLAM" when RESHAIM are fighting among each other everyone should rejoice because it's a good thing for the rest of the world,oh how lucky we are that these Romanian Jew hating savage barbarians have split into three fractions and are busy day and night fighting with each other,let's all pray and wish all the three fractions HATZLACHA RABBAH.

I vividly remmember years ago when these Jew hating barbarian gangsters beat up and cut off the beard of Harav Mendel Wechter shlita,the Lubavithcer Rebbe z"l said at that time at a FARBRENGEN and he promised that "ES VET NOCH KUMEN A TZEIT UND ZEI VELEN ZICH EINEN DUM ANDEREN LEBEDIGERHEIT OIFRESSEN" i promise you there will come a time when these barbarian gangster will devour each other alive,
CHAZAL tell us "CHACHAM ADIF MENAVI 'a wise man is more than a NAVI,we see BARUCH HASHEM the the REBBE'S prophesy came to fruition.


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william gran said...
Hey Gran, was this a belch or you are having a belly ache ?LOL

Anonymous said...

The hater behind this blog is NEVER happy. Never

Even when (one side of)Satmar writes clearly and sensibly, this hater just goes on his usual rant. On and on.

Don't you have anything better to do with your day?

Can't you rather publish another "Jewish" joke book?