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Saturday, February 13, 2016

R' Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Williamsburg Satmar Rebbi is "Rabban Shel Yisroel" The Rabbi of all the Jewish People

The headline of "Der Goy", the Yiddish weekly newspaper associated with the Zalonie Satmar faction states:

(Loose Translation)

"Days of High Spiritual and Holy Awareness by Jewish Chareidim in London , Upon the Visit of the RABBI OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, The Holy Rabbi of Satmar"

I wonder what the followers of his brother R' Aron think about this headline, that calls his younger brother R' Zalman Leib  ....

What sheer chutzpah to call a guy, who nobody even heard or learned one single  Halacha from (except to ban the Iphone, and Loshon Hara against Jews living in Israel), "Rabbi of the Jewish people"
Is he even a poisek? 
Who is he?
Isn't he the guy that's in secular court with his brother, fighting about real estate?

How do we measure who the Rabbi of Klall Yisroel is?
Do we measure the "Rabbi of Klall Yisroel" by how many cars he had in his motorcade, and how many traffic lights his motorcade went thru? Putting innocent lives in danger so he can get his derriere to the airport?
Do we measure the "Rabbi of Klall Yisroel" by the private jet that whisked him to London?

Or do we measure the "Rabbi of the Jewish people" by the filthy hate he spews against Eretz Yisroel and its inhabitants? 


william gran said...

It goes by how much felt and power u have which he does

Anonymous said...

Your buddy Pinny Lipschutz is farentfering in the Yated this week that the private plane was only arranged because the commercial flight he was on got grounded for repairs.

Echter yid said...

How do we measure who is the rebbe of klal yisroel,?, its very very simple (1) you look which rebbe has a bigger tuches, (2) a nicer pajama bekitcha,,(3) a nicer zilbene shteken,,(4) has more and stronger rishes than other rebbes,? (5) someone who calls himself a rebbe of klal yisroel and didn't let his own father to be (zocha) to go to grand children's/ weddings/simchas/or grand grand children's simchas,,(6) has more money than other rebbes to spend for lawyers against his own brother in courts, (6) has the longest motorcade of cars( with cherry lights) speeding down roadways with breaking every single law,and putting people of America in danger,, (7) someone who would degrade one of the biggest talmud chuchum like rav shtienman,,

william gran said...

Gelt that is i guess with gelt u can buy felt