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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Convicted Murderer Becomes a Frum Jew

Chassidim want to know if he will have a "tish" and hand out "shrayim" I will keep you posted on developments!
Maybe he can look over the peppers?

Steven Hayes, a convicted killer in Connecticut, is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of the Petit family. He seems to have drastically changed since committing the 2007 murder.
Reportedly, Hayes, now 52, has become an Orthodox Jew, while on death row. In a recent mugshot, he is seen with a long flowing beard, sporting a white kippa.
Hayes and an accomplice, Komisarjevsky, were convicted after the brutal murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, 11-year-old Michaela and 17-year-old Hayley. The father was also badly hurt but survived.
The women were brutally murdered in their Connecticut home, the mom being raped and strangled to death, while the girls were tied to the bed and set on fire, the youngest girl being raped by Komisarjevsky.
On Tuesday, Komisarjevsky, requested a new trial, saying his lawyers weren’t give all the police recordings. However, Prosecutors say the recordings have no information that warrants a new trial.


Fred said...

I can hardly wait to see what happens as the the switch date approaches. Will it be another debacle like Martin Grossman, another scumbag who murdered a cop and then did "teshuva" in prison? He was denied a pardon by the governor of Florida and was sentenced to death. Yet the Aguda and other choshive "frum" organizations made him into a Tzaddik.

This dirtbag should get the death penalty and roast in hell for what he did, regardless of how long his grimy beard grows in length.

Echter yid said...

Sure he will be giving sherayim absolutely but I am afraid it will be by his last meal, he will be able to give how much sherayim he wants,

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes - the cowl does not make the monk.

Same Dreck, different pile said...

follow up comment to Fred's comment

Yeshiva of Sayeed Valley said...

All are welcome to attend the grand opening of the Center for Muslim Life at Rockland Community College on Thursday, February 25, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Student Union, Toom 3201. Halal food will be served.

Anonymous said...

This man is NOT Jewish. His mother was a gentile.

Anonymous said...

The lowlife just declared himself "Jewish" one day. And if it wasn't for the putz frey rabbi chaplain who gave him chashivus, the newspapers would point out the murderer has no Jewish yichus nor has he fulfilled conversion requirements of any movement.

Anonymous said...

Yemach Shmoi

shvantz said...

Hayes, I bless you that you should meet the same fate at the hands of a fellow prisoner that Jeffrey Dahmer did.