Thursday, June 16, 2022

Were R' Chaim Kaneivski's Signature Forged for the last 5 years?


Who signed all the hundreds of "psaks" from R' Chaim Kanievsky z"l in the last 5 years? Was it R' Chaim? 

Because his grandchildren wanting a chunk of the inheritance worth millions, ran to Bais Din stating that R' Chaim z"l wasn't in the right frame of mind for the last 5 years and couldn't possibly make a decision on who will inherit him. 

This claim if true, is very scary! Because that means all those close to him knew the situation very well and exploited him. They dragged him to events knowing full well that he wasn't well. For five years!

I witnessed one event myself, a rally in Yerushalyim  to get the vote out a day before elections. I was stuck in heavy traffic in Yerushalyim and couldn't figure out what was going on. I asked people who were rushing to a large square what was going on. They told me about the rally and that R' Chaim just arrived. I pulled over to the nearest parking spot I could and walked quickly to the rally where there were already thousands waiting. 

Suddenly R' Chaim z"l appeared and you cannot imagine the excitement in the air. R' Chaim was escorted to the dais where there were many "gedoilim" sitting. 

Suddenly the entire crowd heard what I heard!

As they introduced him, he asked on an open mike ..."vus tooh ich do?" "what am I doing here?" then he innocently asked "vus iz dus" "what is this?" 

And of course, this was his entire speech. Lucky for the crowd, most don't understand Yiddish! Standing next to me was a Yeshivish guy, who asked me if I understand Yiddish? And when I replied in the affirmative, he asked if I can translate what R' Chaim just said. 

I really didn't want to disappoint him, a sincere looking guy that was there to drink in every single word of R' Chaim's wisdom, so I told him that R' Chaim just said "Go Vote".

I myself had a one on one with R' Chaim z"l four years ago and believe me it took a lot of "protekzia" to get in, I needed pull from a friend of mine who lives in Monsey. I will not go into what happened, but it was bizarre and till today I really don't know what really occurred. But I was thrilled to have had the merit to see him and shake his hand, after all he was a giant in Torah and Righteousness, I didn't take that lightly, but I was traumatized to put it mildly.

 I am angry at his immediate family who would said things in his name and said it was "ruach ha'koidesh" 

Now I am wondering? Did he really want the crowd to go out and vote? Did he really want everyone including children to get the vaccine? 

What really happened?

 When Covid hit full force and there was a total lockdown in Israel, the Chevra Kadisha was overwhelmed as people were dropping dead like flies in Bnei-Brak, and yet they said that R' Chaim ruled that Yeshivois remain open. There was a video long since removed where you see the chief of police visiting him and pleading with him to close them. On the video you clearly hear R' Chaim asking the Chief what was going on? Yeshivos were then ordered closed by "Reb Chaim z"l" 

Did he initially order Yeshivois to be open, and then after being informed that there was a plague, ordered them shut? If he had ruach ha'koidesh, how didn't he know about the plague?

When did he find out? Was it before he instructed the Yeshivois to remain open?

Was it really him or was it Yanki, his grandchild?

Will we ever know?

There is however, one thing we know for sure, that his own grandchildren are arguing in Bais Din that R' Chaim  was in "no frame of mind to make decisions for 5 years."



Professor Ryesky said...

Schneerson all over again!

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The ability to hold two contradictory points of view and demand they be accepted is breathtaking.
Everything Rav Chaim, zt"l, said until he died was Daas Torah with Ruach HaKodesh!
Also he was demented which means his will is no good.
Here's the bigger question - a guy sits and learns. He does not work. He makes no money other than what the government pension provided him. Where did he get millions from?

Professor Ryesky said...


Not that I do not share your cynicism, but in all fairness, the following matters from court files in New York are of public record:

Estate of James Beard, New York County Surrogate's Court File No. 896/1985 (date of death 23 January 1985): Personal collection of books netted $210,817 at auction, and future royalties from cookbooks was valued at $57,084.

Estate of Louis Armstrong, Queens County Surrogate's Court File No. 4560/1971 (date of death 6 July 1971): In addition to his 4 trumpets and one trombone (and also an Israel Bond), Satchmo's Estate included $560,000 in projected future royalties from his compositions and recordings, plus $33,333 for the value of his life story.

It is my understanding that one of Rabbi Chaim's sons was (secretly) offered a few million for the original manuscripts of the Rabbi's writings.

There are possibilities for Rabbi Chaim's Estate to be worth millions, but I, for one, would be interested in the particulars.

Inquiring minds would like to know!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for bidens kids to tell us he wasn't all there

Dave said...

That's a stupid question. RCK had little money, but people will pay millions for some of his manuscripts and other possessions.

Frum but normal said...

Exactly same thing happened when Reb Moishe Teitebaum the Satmar Rebbe died, one of his sons (sheretz) claimed in court ,that the last few years of his life his father was demented.

Anonymous said...

What utter stupidness, manuscripts from a gadol like reb Chaim are worth millions of dollars.