Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sadegera Rebbe Banned from his brother's wedding because he is trying to evict his own mother makes a Fictitious Wedding Without Bride And Groom in Bnei Brak


This gives "transgender" a whole new meaning, since the "rebbele twirp" was the groom and bride all in one in his makeshift wedding farce.

The Sadigura chasidim will hold a huge wedding celebration tonight in Bnei Brak attended by all of the chasidim but without the bride and groom.

The reason for the unusual reception is that the Rebbe in Israel is not able to attend the actual ceremony in the United States, because he was banned from the wedding that took place in Williamsburgby his mother, who is trying to stop the eviction from her own dira. 

The "twirp rebbe" argues that his father left him the dira in his will. Even if it was true, which animal evicts its own mother? 

The chasidim in Bnei Brak, where the Rebbe maintains his father’s institutions, decided to make a celebration in honor of the wedding but without the bride and groom present at the fictitious ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Why is this idiotic chassidus newsworthy?

Anonymous said...

Maybe to put it into context for those who follow this cult

Anonymous said...

How very interesting I think his mother was the one to push for the the young twerpto be rebbe הכרת הטוב to the nth degree

Anonymous said...

Not sure where transgender comes in over here, shows where your heads at

Anonymous said...

If you don't see the nuances implied in the post, blogs aren't for you, you should be reading CNN