Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Young Lady sings "Kwartin's" Ve'Tiher Reb Yishmoel Atzmoi

 Kol Isha Alert!

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So below is the composer of the tune ..... 
So who did it better?


Shmutzik vee a Rodney Toilet said...


Groups of 200+ people openly stood close together without masks Monday in Brooklyn areas suffering from spiking COVID infections — as police appeared virtually non-existent.

“We all already had it,’’ said a woman leaving synagogue at 152 Rodney St in Williamsburg when asked by The Post why no one was wearing a mask in the crowd of 200 people outside.

“We’re all fine,’’ the mother insisted — even though city officials said there's no herd immunity in the Big Apple, nor evidence people who've been infected can’t get reinfected.

“Our doctors give hydroxy right away,” the woman said, referring to a reputed treatment for the virus. “99% of the people had the virus in Williamsburg.”

A marked NYPD car slowly drove by the synagogue without stopping as the crowd milled about.

A counterterrorism cop stood nearby. When asked why authorities don’t warn the crowd to at least socially distance amid the deadly pandemic, the officer said it's not what he's there for.

3 Orthodox Jewish men die of COVID-19 hours after arriving at NYC hospital

Boro Park registered a terrifying 17% positive rate Sun — where groups of dozens without masks milled around together during Yom Kippur on Mon.

The city said the 2 week average for the neighborhood is 4.63% — more than double the latest citywide rate.

Groups of 50+ people, mostly without masks, huddled together in several places in Boro Park designated a COVID hot zone by the state — close enough to touch each other after services.

No police in sight.

When The Post tried taking photos & video of the scene, several men without masks rushed a reporter, chasing him to his car, one spitting on his driver window & screaming after the scribe got inside.

The men then told 150+ boys to crowd the car, blocking the reporter in.

Cops responded to a Post call from the scene & urged the crowd on a loudspeaker to disperse. When dozens began pounding the car, cops told them to back off — to no avail. The reporter was eventually able to drive away.

Heshy Brach said...


Heshy Tischler antics are alter nayess so I upped the ante by screaming the N word at City officials

Chaim Dovid Zweibel said...

"For the first time, Israel’s daily coronavirus deaths per capita have surpassed those of the United States, a military task force said in a report"

(Does anyone know any good shtochs? We've been ordered by Philly to start ramping up the insults again against Cuomo & de Blasio)

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you who did it worse. Louis Danto went off the derech after Mirrer yeshiva & was a Conservative Cantor the rest of his life who the freya crowd dismissed with the nickname "Mighty Mouse".

Nutter Natan said...

This is too funny.

Slifkin with his axe to perpetually grind against all Charedim after Energizer Goniv Leib Pinter crafted a dubious cherem against him, recently attacked his former friend Rabbi Doniel Travis, the gabbai of the teshuvos from R' Ezriel Auerbach & lbcl R' Zalman Nechemya Goldberg. Slifkin accused him of distorting the words of these gedolim.

Travis got even with Slifkin in the Aug. 28th edition of the Yated. He submitted a "shayla" to the gedolim, something that he knows is one of Slifkin's beefs that he uses as a weapon in his anti-Charedi arsenal. And sat back with the Yated readership to watch the gedolim tear Slifkin apart for being a miserable ferd.

Slifkin thinks that various tzedoka orgs are con artists when taking money to make a zechus for someone else. In typical Slifkin style he name drops all kinds of Rishonim to back up his position. Slifkin admits there is a Rokeach backing the orgs which he claims is unclear.

Rav Auerbach rips into Dokter Rabbiner Slifkin that the Shulchan Aruch poskens the halacha is like the orgs do so he can bring as many Rishonim as he can pile to the Moon ober zei helfen nisht. Then he tells off Slifkin that just because he can't grasp the Rokeach, he can't build on his own ignorance to posken from it.

R' Zalman Nechemya also chimed in, in what was the last shayla he answered while still alive. After seconding Rav Auerbach, it was a one liner that completely demolished Slifkin (who one gadol aptly describes as a gass ruach), that there is no room to be mefakpek ki hu zeh on the way the orgs are noheg which is the minhag Yisroel.

Slifkin was barking for weeks that Travis is a liar, until Travis wrote a little blurb apologizing that Slifkin did not actually aim his shayla at the gedolim.

It is very funny al kol ponim that Travis used Slifkin's own meshugassen to make him look like the ferd that he is. Slifkin is now trying to paint himself out of this corner too, in vintage Slifkin style, by arrogantly insisting he is still being misrepresented - even theoretically - because the gedolim got the Kadmonim all wrong, being that ANOCHI SLIFKIN elohecha is the only one who can read Kadmonim & understand what they are saying.

Chameleon said...

Danto teamed up for several decades with two other ausvarfs. One of them is the brother who went off the derech of the Prospect Park girls school founder, father of Menahel Leib Kelman.

And with another Mirrer who went off the derech, Barry Schneider. This weirdo is known as the "rabbi" with the "pliers on his nose" and/or "with the huge chip on his shoulder". After losing his long held job, Schneider has been sauntering around Teaneck, Paramus & surrounding area, looking for any odd jobs he can get while pretending he was Orthodox the entire time, not that he was an almost lifetime Conservative rabbi.

Two Faced Phonies! said...


The amateur anarchists Eichenstein, Felder & Yeger were right there with convicted felon Tischler, day after day, breaking off the locks to NYC parks

Anonymous said...

If you think Natan Slifkin has an axe to grind, you should meet the mechaber of a couple of now offline venomous anti-Charedi blogs, one of them was X Gadol Hador. It is alleged that Slifkin's brother was the mechaber. Matza min es mino. The brother's shver is a disgruntled & very opinionated ex-Philly boy who has to dodge all the yeshivishe places to daven, walking a long way to the ONLY Modern Orthodox shul in Lakewood.

DIN gets Results said...

New York City will begin enforcing mask-wearing with a $1,000 fine in nine zip codes seeing a COVID-19 spike, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.