Monday, September 21, 2020

Moshe Herzog & Dovid Tzvi Schnebalg Killed On Thruway Near Monsey


A horrific crash on the NY State Thruway took the lives of two young men from Monsey early Monday morning.

The two men, identified as Moshe Herzog Z”L (28), and Dovid Tzvi Schnebalg Z”L (27), were returning from Pennsylvania where they had spent Rosh Hashanah when the accident happened.

The NY State Police say that a preliminary investigation determined Moshe Herzog, 27, of Spring Valley, NY, was operating a 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe southbound, near mile marker 29.1, in the center lane, attempting to change lanes and possibly exit the Thruway at exit 14B (Airmont Road). The Tahoe collided with a 2007 Peterbilt tractor trailer operated by Luis A. Velazquez, 59, of Elizabeth, NJ, which was traveling in the right lane.

The collision caused both vehicles to exit the roadway over the right shoulder and come to rest in a ditch along the wood line. The Tahoe became fully engulfed and both Herzog and the passenger, David Z. Schneebalg, 26, of Monsey, NY, were pronounced deceased on scene.

Velazquez was entrapped and required extrication. He was transported to Westchester Medical Center for unknown injuries.

Troopers were assisted on scene by Troop F CRU (Collision Reconstruction Unit), CVEU (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit), BCI, Thruway Traffic Safety and Maintenance, as well as the Fire Department and Faist and Hazolah EMS.

Herzog, who was a longtime Rockland Chaveirim volunteer actually used his radio to call for help – stating that they were trapped in the wreckage.

It took an extended period of time to extinguish the blaze and took hours for emergency personnel to extricate them.



? said...

Terrible tragedy, ה' ירחם.

Were they coming back from a Breslov Rosh Hashanah gathering there, or some other type of event? I believe there were Breslov gatherings in other places this year, due to the Uman closure.

The Times They Are A-changin'. said...

Though I know little about the people involved, it shows how some of the Chareidi/Chasidic world is changing.

Schneebalg was one of ten children, and there is a photo of him with a shtreimel. On the other hand, in the Misaskim shiva list there is no mention of a wife or children. So he may have been divorced. I didn't see info re Herzog on the list, he may have been 'heimish', perhaps single. Anyway, to their credit, they both made a great impression on their non-Jewish co-workers it seems, as EMT's locally.

So you see these young Chareidi/Chasidic young guys from the Monsey area going to PA for Rosh Hashanah. Did their parents do that? What did they do in PA?

שנשמע ונתבשר בשורות טובות

Anonymous said...

I don't know where they went but I remember when I was in yeshiva, Empire Kosher in Mifflintown, PA, would pay single guys to come for Rosh Hashana so that the shoichtim uboidkim have an oylam to be with.

Jewish Democrats for Trump said...

I heard about this rosh hashana gathering in Pennsylvania going on last few years. It’s for young people off the derech but in the dining room they must respect and adhere to the Yom Tov observance. These two fellows were hired to be the First Aid emergency responders to the group of about 300 people.

Anonymous said...

I know this was going on in PA over Rosh Hashana. Not sure if that is where they were coming from.

Beyond the glossy depictions said...

Seems the two guys came from large Vizhnitz families, one was divorced or separated (they say he had a seven year old child he never saw), other single.


The reality of Hasidic life today is not necessarily the same as relayed in the glossy magazines and fairy tale books out there.

Jewish Democrats for Trump said...