Monday, May 25, 2020

Williamsburg And Boro Park Residents Forget they are in Galus and Protest The NYC Sheriff Dept After They Shut Down Stores

 I am all for opening the stores, 
but the way to do this is to put pressure on the Mayor and governor ..... 
Chassidim tuchislekked them, voted them into office despite the fact that they had perverted values ...... 
Where is Nadler? Schumer? ....Helllooow?? Anyone home?
The storekeepers should remember that they are in galus not in Israel ..... 
Hundreds of stores and small-businesses opened their doors on Sunday in defiance of the executive order.
As was expected, the NYC Sheriff Department visited multiple stores in Williamsburg and Boro Park to issue summonses and order the closure of the stores.
In Williamsburg and Boro Park crowds gathered to protest the closure of stores on Wallabout Street and on 13th Avenue. 
In Boro Park the scene turned ugly with people screaming at the Deputies, and passersby encouraging the protesters to hold their ground and not disperse.
Naturally, social media exploded with viral videos and many are claiming that the city is targeting the Jewish neighborhoods.



Anonymous said...

People need money to live and people need stores to supply their needs especially in Boro Park and Wiliamsburg that do not have big box stores like Wal Mart
. There is no reason why small Businesses and mom and pop stores cannot be open with people wearing masks and social Distancing just like the big box stores just because a few elected officials who stillnrecieve their full salaries want to play politics and egos with other people's livelihoods and Businesses

A little Common Sense Please said...

May 25 at 1:44 is spreading the same baloney propaganda from the ReOpenNY group which is an unofficial subsidiary of the anti-vaxx Agudah who hired a dumb Chabad BT as their spokesman. Anti-vaxx Philly yeshiva hijacked the Agudah, Torah Umesorah & the AJCO camps association. These anti-vaxx roidfim want to infect as many people as possible with the virus so that there will be no point for the government to then force vaccinations. The Chabad BT is angry that he lost his hoyzen this year as a Pesach hotel organizer.

Food & medicines are essential. The only big box stores allowed to open happen to have more square footage of food than 13th Ave grocery stores. The morons protesting on 13th Ave are just as bad as the ones who made the big chilul Hashem by going up to Albany to threaten lawmakers over the measles vaccine.

Anonymous said...

To may 25 7:23 pm..I dont know where vaccines or anti Vax or the Agudah comes into the equation
We are talking about neighborhood store owners and Businesses losing their stores Businesses and Livelihoods when there is no reason to as Masks and social Distancing can be practiced in these stores just as they can in Wal Mart and Shoprite

A little Common Sense Please said...

Anti-vaxx is behind all the reopen pushes because then more people will be infected which if enough people are infected there is no need for vaccines. This is why Agudah & all affiliated orgs & activists are pushing to reopen everything too soon.

You are not being honest with your yourself because you fell for the Agudah's sheker propaganda. Walmart was only open as they are a food store. No one ever closed the little dinky crowded 13th Ave groceries as they are also food stores, though there is an argument to be made that the dinky heimishe stores should be closed. Dinky, crowded stores have poor ventilation which increases the chance of getting infected.