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When Rav Shteinman forced a Rosh Yeshivah To accept a boy from a Modern Home!

This is an oldie but goodie... I  posted this awhile ago...

But I think that it is relevant now,,,,,
Since this time Hashem Himself closed the Yeshivas....
Watch this video closely and you may have your answer...

I will try to summarize what happened here ... the conversation goes from Yiddish to Hebrew then back to Yiddish  ...
It also has captions in English ... but I'll try to get everything in .
If you follow closely you see how clever and funny Rav Shteinman was .... sometimes it seems like he is not getting it ... but it turns out he got it very well ,.... but kept to his psak ...
"You must accept every child even if he may ruin others!"


A widow from Bnei Brak with two children was about to get married to  a widower from Beit Shemesh who also had two children   ..
They were moving to Beit Shemesh 

The widower has his two children  enrolled in a certain cheder in Beit Shemesh and because his new wife will move there, he wants to enroll her children in the same cheder...

The red bearded guy in the video is Harav Sorotzkin (Red Beard)...and he is asking Rav Shteinman the following question:

"it seems that the widow's children are a bit modern and according to the menahel of the cheder ... wouldn't be the right fit for the cheder, so he feels that the step father should enroll the kids somewhere else more suited for them .....
should he tell the step-father to farm the widow's kids to another school?"

Rav Shteinman: "Do we have a choice?" (in other words, you must accept them)
Red Beard: "Is it the school's responsibility to accept these children?"

Rav Shteinman: "so what would the menahel do if this was the only school on the planet?"
then there wouldn't be any other choice ...right 
.... so what do you want the father to do...
send them to America?

Red Beard: "but there are other schools in the neighborhood?"
Rav Sheitman: "so you are actually telling me that there are NO other schools" (because the father wants them davka in this school)

Red Beard: "so because the father is stubborn and wants this particular school we have to give in to him?
Rav Shteinman: You know how a (the boy)  will turn out this way or an other way ... and what's really the difference?..this is the school he wants?

Red Beard getting frustrated: But it's the father that insists that it is this school and no other?"
Rav Shteinman: You know what? Why don't we ship this kid to the communists?.... But It seems to me that the father doesn't want this kid to go to the communists"
Red Beard now incredulous: The other school in the neighborhood are not communists ..they are also great schools..
Rav Sheteinman: I understand, but by this father the other schools are communists

Red faded Beard guy: So we really have to accept the kids? 
the father is crazy...
Rav Shteinman: Why is he crazy? 
Because he wants his children in this cheder?
And you don't want your kid in a good school?
 So tell me ....are you crazy?

Red Beard trying another tact: Let me explain to the Rosh Yeshiva what exactly happened here ...
The father we are talking about is not a regular guy.. he is a "type"
and the Rosh Yeshivah of the school is saying that the kids won't fit in with the rest of the boys ...these children were basically brought up by a single mother and her way of parenting (modern)

Rav Shteinman (referring to the Rosh Yeshiva of the school:)
Pride ..... it's all about his pride!
The issue here is that they are going to get married ...yes?
so what should they do ....not get married?
They are getting married and her kids want to go to cheder!

Red Beard: But what about the school?
Rav Shteinman: Are you telling me that the school doesn't care if they don't get married? 
They are getting married ..she has kids and they need to go to school!
what do you mean that "that is not the school's problem?"

Maybe we send them to the moon? Yes...Let's send them to the moon

Red Beard reverting from Yiddish to Hebrew: But the kids can cause damage to other kids ...
so are you saying that the school should accept them even if they will damage the other kids spiritually? Even if it's not a perfect fit? even if the kid is academically weak?

Rav Shteinman: I don't get it ...if you are saying that "he is academically weak" then why are you saying he "is not a fit?"
(in other words, not all the students in the school are academically strong so why would this kid be different?)

Red beard waving his hands in the air: It's the mother, she comes from a modern doesn't match the school population. Not that she is not religious .. this is a religious family but a bit open-minded not like the other parents of the school.

Rav Shteinman: So you measured their spirituality? You know how religious they are? How can you measure?

Red Beard: yes there is a parent in the school that knows,,,,

Rav Shteinman: Pride pride pride (gaaveh gaaveh) that Rosh Yeshivah's all about his pride....nothing else..
this doesn't come from fear of's all gaaveh gaaveh
100% ! 

Red Beard: The Rosh Yeshivah is an avreich, a special great person ..
Rav Shteinman interrupting: No .... it's gaaveh it's gaaveh He is a huge big shot ..

Red Beard & Red Faded Beard Guy: Laughing 

Rav Shteinman:
Listen to me....the Brisker Rav learned in a certain Talmud Torah ....
who were the students there? The worst low-lifes a bunch of no bodies ....I learned there as well ...
so if it was good for the Brisker Rav why isn't it good for this Rosh Yeshivah?

Red Beard: But the Rosh yeshivah says that this kid will ruin his own kid....
Rav Shteinman: Yes it happens that kids get ruined from other kids ...
 good kids go astray  ... happens all the time ..
aren't kids going off the derech in the best schools?
Children go off!

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