Saturday, May 23, 2020

Rabbi Yisroel Brog RY Tiferes Avigdor , Wickliffe Ohio..decries Mesira during the Corona Virus

While heimishe people are dropping dead like flies in New York, Rabbi Yisroel Brog brings a Chasam Sofer and a Rebbe Akiva Eiger condemning those who closed the shuls smack during the "megifah".... 
His proof from Akivah Eiger was that when there was a pandemic far greater then Covid-19, R' Akivah Eiger insisted on keeping the shuls open ... but doesn't mention how many people got killed because of that decision ......

What is interesting is what  Rabbi Brog decided to leave out of the R' Akivah Eiger's psak.... 
R' Akivah Eiger requested that Soldiers ... Goyim.. and Police... Goyim in the shuls to monitor social distancing 

גאון הדורות רבי עקיבא איגר , 
in his famous letter to his תלמיד, הגה”ק רבי אליהו גוטמאכר מגריידיץ writes in his עצות  for healthy actions during the מגפה of 1831-1832 that took place in Poland & Germany. When רע”א formulated  תקנות for תפילות on ראש השנה ויום הכיפורים, he placed soldiers and police officers in each shul. The translation of the original German text is found in פסקים ותקנות רע”א דף ע”ב (you can find it on אוצר החכמה). I can’t imagine the awe and יראת הכבוד they had for רע”א, yet he insisted on police and army supervision! הפלא ופלא!

Rabbi Brog accuses frum people of "mesirah" taking photos of those who didn't care to spread death and sick ....
Rabbi Brog condemns Dr Deitchik (not by name , God forbid) and mocks others in the medical profession ...

Rabbi Brog asks why supermarkets can be open ...
People have to shop to eat! ....but being in shul staying in close quarters for over 3 to 4 hours can ...yes kill you ...yes absolutely..

Is Rabbi Brog ready to take responsibility for the dead??
Is he taking the responsibility of the sick...?

See quote from R' Akiva Eiger that Rabbi Brog didn't tell you about..

To quote רע”א again, שם דף ע”ז (loose translation) 
“one who transgresses (רע”א’s guidelines) he is liable (ה’ ישמור) with his life. Additionally, they are responsible for bringing tragedy (ה’ ישמור) by  tripping others, and he will ultimately have to answer ליתן את הדין for himself and others .. and be scrupulously careful, for it is equal to שפיכת דמים (ח”ו).

Well let's hope this virus comes to a quick end and we won't have to listen to these self appointed "know it alls"



Anonymous said...

Paskining medical Sheylas from a maysa rav of Rabbi Akiva Eiger is insane.
1. the 2 diseases are not comparable, one is airborne the other is not
2. what did doctor's tell Rabbi Akiva Eiger, a psak in refuah is based on doctors, do we know what they told him?

Halacha dictates we follow the rules of psak, the sefaras are more important than the conclusion. the sefaras are consistent the conclusion changes based on metzyus.

Anonymous said...

The shuls that I know of that tried to remain open -- they are spacious enough to hold 60-100 people, and they remained open with social distancing strictly enforced, and a limit of 15 people, mokom kovua, strictly same people every minyan -- yet some other rabonim and asskonim decided to moiser and called the media and police, forcing those shuls to get closed down.

Nobody stays in shul 3-4 hours. What shacharis takes 4 hour long? I went to the supermarket every almost every single day, as I had to buy for others who couldn't leave their homes. Every single time -- small orders took hours -- the checkout lines were crazy with no social distancing -- because large supermarkets only had 1-3 cashiers opened.

Clevelander said...

"Which Shachris takes 3-4 hours?" Most shuls have a daf yoimi in the morning, most shuls have a bunch of chavruvois before they daven....

"Hours in the supermarket " Hours???????
Most people now buy essentials and it doesn't take more than 1/2 hour in and out and I have b"h 8 kids..

This Rabbi should quit like the other Chuchem from Flatbush!

Anonymous said...

"Cholera was perceived as a demonic, evi l and foreign force similar if not worse than smallpox or the plague. In its most virulent forms, it was a highly efficient killer and often resulted in a 50% mortality rate among its healthy adult victims."In the lifetime of R' Akiva Eiger, Cholera bacteria wasn't even isolated yet, and nobody knew its exact nature or its mechanics. Many people died within hours of the start of symptoms. The death rate was over 50% for adults and overwhelmingly fatal for the elderly, infants, and the otherwise infirmed.

Anonymous said...

In the 1800s, it was widely believed that the pandemic was airborne.
In 1854, an English physician by the name of John Snow traced the cholera outbreak to a water pump.


In 1851, The first International Sanitary Conference opened in Paris -- and dozen countries debated whether or not cholera should be subject to quarantine regulations.

Despite the earlier work of Dr. John Snow, many still believed that cholera was caused by miasmata. Just 10 years earlier at a major 1874 international sanitary conference, representatives of 21 governments voted unanimously that "ambient air is the principal vehicle of the generative agent of cholera."

Anonymous said...

with due respect he may be brilliant in learning torah,he knows very little about medicine,what a fool we lost many rabbanim his approach is ridiculous,had we left shuls open the toll on frum jews would be higher,was it not high enough?every day shuls and yeshivas stayed open was aday of spreading the virus and those poor frum people that listened to fools like him are not here to stand up and tell him he should keep his head in the gemara should we start going to rbbanim for cancer care?