Thursday, May 14, 2020

Satmar Rebbe Attacks His Own Brother-In-Law The Vizhnitzer For Netanyahu Meeting: ‘How Low Can They Stoop’

The Satmar Rebbe, Rav Aharon, sharply criticized his brother-in-law the Vizhnitzer Rebbe for meeting with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the prime minister’s residence. 

Rav Aharon spoke at a special Le’Chaim tish for a small number of his associates marking the Yahrzeit of rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl, one of the early Chassidic rebbes and a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov.

Rav Aharon spoke with great anguish and said:
”After months of isolation far away from the chasidim, with no public prayers, no tish, no reception of chasidim for private meetings, no sandek (holding the baby at a circumcision) honors, all due to the fear of not being in the same house with a person sick with coronavirus and being infected, after all this he went to the house of the head of the unbelievers, the person who spreads the belief in “our might and power”, the person who has no derech eretz (courtesy) and no respect for G-d? Wasn’t he afraid to sit in his house together with him where he could be infected with spiritual diseases?”
Rav Aharon added:
 “I don’t understand him. Today is the yahrzeit of our grandfather, the Magid of Chernobyl. It is well known that ‘cherna’ means black in Russian and ‘bila’ means white. One should know how to distinguish between black and white and it is forbidden to mix between them.”
DIN: 👀 "black & white????‘cherna’ means black in Russian and ‘bila’ means white????" .....What?????? well ok ....
The chasidim related that the rebbe was very disturbed after hearing about the meeting last night and kept saying
 “how low can they stoop, those who go to elections and participate in the government.”
Vizhnitz chasidim responded on the Bechadrei Chareidim site, stating that: 
“The Satmar rebbe must not know his brother-in-law properly, the rebbe would be willing to pay him the airfare and give him his Beis Midrash so that he can protest against him. Our rebbe is performing his method of Avodas Hashem (service of G-d) and he does not care for his honor the slightest bit, nor is he concerned what people will say.”


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