Monday, March 20, 2017

Lizensk Yurzeit flight to Poland makes emergency landing due to depressurization

A Titan Airways flight from Stansted, London to Rzeszow, Poland had to make an emergency landing in Amsterdam on Sunday.
The flight was carrying mainly ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers said to be on a pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, one of the founding rabbis of the Hassidic movement, who died in 1787.
When the cabin lost pressure the plane sent out a mayday call and ultimately landed safely Sunday morning at Schipol Airport in the Dutch capital, according to British media.
In pictures and videos from the incident, the passengers were seen wearing oxygen masks, praying and singing singing “Ani Ma’amin”.
None of the 272 passengers and crew were injured in the incident.
An airline spokesman said “there were no injuries amongst the passengers and crew but on arrival the aircraft was met by emergency service personnel as a precaution to ensure the welfare of the passengers.”
  1. Singing 🎶 A plane on the way back from Poland full of yiden Lost oxygen 38,000 feet above water plane landed safety in Amsterdam
  2. Amazing 常に迫害の危機にあるユダヤ人の日常は、 毎日が緊急事態 ウルトラ・オーソドックス・ジュー, 通称・黒装束の 酸欠機内でマスク付けて平然と神を賛美するお姿


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Thank God for safe landings.

Gratitude is so important.

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