Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Child Molestation and Calling for the Murder of Fellow Jews by Chareidim

It is nothing new that certain elements among our fellow Jews want to have nothing to do with the draft into the IDF. 

They have found multiple ways to show their displeasure and, in doing so, to disrupt the public thoroughfares , cause severe damage to public property, inflict bodily harm on security personnel and other actions–all in the name of G-d.

A subset of this population  is a group of fringe elements, who have now gone even further, beyond any terrible actions to date. 

Carrying signs that declare that one must resist the draft to the point of יהרג ואל יעבור (better to choose death than to “transgress”), this group (known as the Jerusalem Faction, among others) has decided that drafting into the IDF is akin to the three sins for which one must forfeit his\her life: Idolatry, murder and immorality.

If that was “all” that they did, then, Dayenu…but wait, there’s more!

Public declarations from these individuals have been made, in the name of Jerusalem Faction leader Shmuel Auerbach, to resist enlistment “until the last drop of blood.” If that phrase sounds familiar, it should. It is nearly the very same words used by our mortal enemies, Hamas, the PA, etc. They,too, call for defending Al Aksa “until the last drop of blood.” So, apparently, this whole draft issue is worth bloodshed OF FELLOW JEWS!

And if that was “all” they did, Dayenu…but wait, there’s more!

Leaflets calling for the death of Maj. Yaakov Roshi were strewn outside of his parents’ house in Petach Tikva, representing an escalation in the campaign of harassment and intimidation against haredi soldiers and their recruiters, the Behadrei Haredim Hebrew news site reported.

These leaflets were left outside of the house with the phrase, “G-d will break the arm of the wicked,” and calling Roshi and his colleagues “hunters of souls.”
“Therefore, the great Torah scholars instructed that one should do the same as our forefathers did when a wicked person rose up against them, to cry to the Creator of the world that He should spare and comfort us and remove sins from the earth,” the letter continued.

“And in all places, they will pray that the memory of his name will be in disgrace, Yaakov Menachem Ben Naomi, and they will say about him what is written in Psalms, Chapters 10 and 109, about the loss of the wicked, and the Lord will hear our prayers and save us from the wicked Yaakov Roshi, may his name and memory be blotted out,” the letter concluded.

The prayer that an individual’s name and memory be blotted out is reserved by normative religious Jews for perpetrators of genocide against the Jewish people, such as Haman and Hitler. 

According toBeHadrei Haredim, a haredi news site, the prayer for the death of a fellow Jew crossed a new red line and showed that “anything goes” in the fight against enlistment. (Arutz-7)

And if that was “all” that there was to report, then, Dayenu. But wait…yes, sadly, there is much more!

On Monday, thanks to an ongoing undercover investigation, the Israel Police arrested more than 20 Jewish ultra-Orthodox men as suspected sex offenders whose alleged crimes were known to their insular communities but concealed from the authorities.

The twenty-two men, aged 20 to 60 and from communities in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and  Beitar Ilit, allegedly committed sex crimes against women, youths and children from their communities over the past two years, police said. (Ynet)

Another horrific case of a community protecting pedophiles, rapists and those who prey on women and children. Once again, the police expose communities with a mindset that one must sweep under the rug all the dirty little secrets; a mindset that protects the vermin of society, while prolonging the agony and pain of the victims.

And this is the part where some of my readers begin to chant: “Haredi basher!” And I say to all who declare that: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! I don’t care if the ones saying these things and doing these things are Dati LeUmi, Reform, Conservative or have nose rings and belly button piercings: 

No, these are not the acts of “Haredim.” These are acts of the lowest stratum of society. 

If I am bashing anyone, it is the leaders who say nothing; who protect the abusers; who encourage their followers to murder (yes, MURDER Jews). 

I am bashing every one of those who carry signs that going into the IDF is an issue of יהרג ואל יעבור.  To say that the actions of these people reflects all of Haredi society is merely a statement of ignorance.

Why do we accept this? 

Why do we not have massive counter-demonstrations against such horrific behavior?

 Why do we allow our Judaism to be hijacked by hooligans, miscreants, misfits and ne’er-do-wells?

While this post can be much longer, I will stop here, as I believe I have made my point.
The next step? Suggestions…ideas…actions?


jancsibacsi said...

Why do we accept this? I will tell you why you know the saying ,do as he says he is crazy,well we are dealing with tottaly crazed people who are capable of commiting great bodily harm to others if they dont get their way,this is what their toreh learning did to them they are isolated from the real world they have no inkling what it means to go and work 8 or more hours a day for your sustanance,the fault also lies in the welfare system that is available to them in israel,the solution is that no more money to able bodied people who dont want to work.

SatmarWatch said...

At the extreme, insane "Chareidi" protests you often see protesters wearing the low cut round Satmar hats inciting or leading the mob.

These are the same protesters who are inciting civil war among the Jews, trampling all over Torah law, and causing massive Chillul Hashem.

Are these thugs really part of the Jewish nation or are they foreign enemies trying to destroy the Jews?

AishKodesh said...

Jancsi, and what do you think of the Heilige Chofetz Chaim zt"l? Was he crazy because of all his Torah? Aderabba, people are crazy if they go without Torah, Chas V"Shalom!

jancsibacsi said...

Anonymous AishKodesh
Lets face the facts theese rebbes who incite riots are no way toreh observant they defile the holy and those yeshiva kids are so gullible that they are tottaly hypnotized by their elders who are misleading them,it would be infinitly better for the young yeshiva boys to learn a trade and leave the learning to those few who are truly fit to learn and make it their lifes endeavour

AishKodesh said...

Jancsi, does the Torah say that only some should learn Torah? Chas V"Shalom! Everyone is "fit to learn"!

Anonymous said...

Aish Kodesh.
Although i hate these Satmar and Eida Hachreidi hooligans and gangsters and wish that the government would once and for all
crack down and end this hooliganism once and for all,but nevertheless with this MARMAROSHER FERD "jancsibacsi" i would never argue, this guy has the inteligence of a cockroach and it's a waste of time arguing with this Hungarian Marmarosher idiot,this BEHEIMA used to be Shmarya Rosenberg's (failled messiah) TUCHES LEKER and his biggest cheerleader

AishKodesh said...

I guess you're right, CHAIM. Gut Shabbos. And to you as well Jancsi.....

jancsibacsi said...

10:17 AM---Keep on repeating yourself until you croack,lowlife piece of trash that you are.

Anonymous said...

why do you believe evry piece of motze shemra against yidden these nazis make up stuff agains erlicha people that want to steal neshomas and when it doesnt work they make up stuff to get their guf

AishKodesh said...

4:48 PM, good point!