Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Beri Weber Purim Video Causes Massive Chillul Hashem

The following appeared in YWN ..... Some singer, I never heard of, Beri (which adult stills calls himself Beri?) Weber, .... followed the goyishe minhag of making a Singing Video..... but left a bunch of crap for the goyim to pick up ...

Dear YWN.
I am appealed at what I just saw, and feel the need to share it with your readers.
On Tuesday afternoon you published a video of a well-known singer dangerously being dragged down the street on a plank of wood in some type of music video ahead of Purim.
On the YWN Instagram account there were some that questioned calling this a “Chillul Hashem”.
Perhaps they will now change their minds.
After this despicable Chillul Hashem was caused yesterday, the group apparently decided to simply dump all their props that were used in the shooting of this movie on my block – on someones garden!
The attached photos and videos [POSTED BELOW] speak for themselves. I am appalled.
What’s even worse is the people who seem to have no issue with the stunt pulled yesterday.
“Why must YWN always degrade Jews having a good time?”
“Come ON – everyone shoots movies on public street!”
“This was no Chillul Hashem – get real”.
Those are some of the comments I have heard.
Of course people shoot movies on public streets. But they get PERMITS, and have safety precautions in place. Do you know that a Frum child was KILLED at a Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Boro Park 25 years ago after a rope snapped and struck the child in face? Beri Weber nearly got killed yesterday when he fell off the moving piece of wood while decked out in his Chassidih Levush as city buses packed with non-Jews looked on in horror.
What about the street that was damaged? Did you see the marks this prop dug into the pavement?
Where is the responsibility?
Aren’t we in Galus?
And then to top it all off, they go and dump their props onto a street corner – the wooden plank, ropes, empty wine bottles, popcorn etc?! And onto someone lawn, that they pay a gardener to mow every month!
The behavior of these people must be exposed or it will continue getting worse and worse. I gurantee no Rov in Flatbush was asked if this should be done.
We are in an age where “anything goes”.
We must yell and scream and show that good Ehrlich Yidden have nothing to do with this behavior.
I can predict that there will be those that find answers for this illegal dumping and bash my letter. Likely the same people that go on trips on Chol Hamoed and throw their filth everywhere.
I encourage people to read the article you published earlier today by Rabbi Yair Hoffman discussing Chillul Hashem. Some people seriously need to get a grip.
Signed – An outraged Flatbush resident living on Avenue N and East 18 Street.

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Anonymous said...

We still love Beri, he is the best singer ever. Shame I didn't find it. Do I have any chance to be send the props? If I were in your place, I would immediatelly picked up every single piece and stored it. You know why? Because I think like a Jew. One day the objects would be worthy millions! I would choose to see the glass half full, you choose to see it half empty.
I'll have Beri Weber entartaining me for such cost every time.
I would like to also clarify, that he left the wooded board and the rest of the things for the homeless.
What are for you 'leftover' or 'rubbish' are for the poor lifesafers.
Your comment is typical of someone who doesn't see the full picture. Please get perspective and open yourself to the needs of the rest of the world and stop being such hypocrit. Were is your love? He actually did a favour to you, because I would never reply to you, but since Beri is involved, I can't remain silent. Please publish this comment, because the world needs to hear different perspective.