Monday, May 20, 2013

Vizhnitz Monsey Bans "Hot Color" clothing for ladies

Vishnitz Monsey, obsessed with women, now bans them from wearing clothing that are "Hot Pink, Hot Yellow, Hot Orange"......
This ad appeared in "The Community Connections " in Monsey!

Loose Translation from Yiddish:

From the words of the Rabbi of Vizhnitz
and these are his holy words....
Women ought to go in the way of our ancestors, that clothing should be normal, and not to pursue the desires of this world.
Everyone wants children that are religious, and this is a Segulah to have religious generations. 
The "nekeivos" (women) should follow the customs of our ancestors and not to deviate from those ideas.

Dear Daughters of Israel,
Wearing clothing with colors that are Hot Pink, Hot Yellow or Hot Orange are prohibited according to halacha, (see Oiz Ve'hadar Levusha, Chapter 7b)
Let's abide by the halacha, and that will bring Spiritual Nachas to Hashem and you will merit to have salvation and good tidings!

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