Monday, May 20, 2013

Lakewood girl schools again turning away Jewish Children!

See this letter from a victim


Once again, you have seen fit to send out acceptance letters to most of Lakewood’s eighth grade girls. The “undesirable” minority will go to their graduations publicly degraded – everyone knows who they are.

You say there is no room, “the boat is full.” That’s exactly what the Swiss government said when denying refuge to Jews during World War II. Incongruous with a “poor” community such as Lakewood, your mosdos scream wealth and plenty. Surely you can find room for a few extra desks – even a new classroom – in those enormous, grand high school buildings of yours? 

You say the unaccepted girls are “not tznius.” This may be true of a select minority, and being in the business of chinuch, they are also your responsibility. However, you have an evil practice of persecuting the less academic students, children of divorce, those who have difficulty paying tuition, and those whose parents you can blackmail before you grant them a precious seat in your mosad.

Young, fragile, impressionable children and their families are at your mercy. Their hopes for the future, their self-esteem, their sholom bayis, and their physical health are being sacrificed on the altar of your egotistic iron grip of power. It must take a lot of strength to overcome your genetic predisposition to be rachmanim b’nei rachmanim. Or perhaps we should examine your genealogy.

No one is fooled by your beard-stroking, yeshivish-talking imitation piety; not even your own employees or your own children. It only serves to remind us that you should know better. The Torah you appear to represent and impart in your schools does not condone your behavior.

Have yourselves an Evian conference and decide how to solve the problem of universal high school acceptance in a way that does not shame or destroy precious bnos yisroel. Treat them as you would your own beloved, superior, deserving children. Stop feigning innocence and blaming others; do the right thing.

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