Friday, May 3, 2013

Frum children's card game curses all Israelis

The Card Game

By: John Roberts ,
Children in Jerusalem, Israel have begun playing with a new card game which lists curses against all Israelis.

The apparently new hot item is circling around the Meah Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem. The anti Zionist card game lists quotes against Zionism from ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis.

The game is divided in four categories. One category lists Jewish people who were allegedly murdered by the evil Zionists.

Another category shows portraits of many ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis along with quotes cursing all Israelis. The Chafetz Chaim is quoted one of the cards: "For me it is clear that the Zionists are the seed of Amalek." Satmar rabbi is quoted on another card as saying: "There is no doubt that the Kingdom of heresy will be burned to the ground before the coming of the messiah." Belzer rabbi is quoted on another card as saying: "Every Jew should pray to God everyday to destroy the Zionists and the Israeli settlers."

A local resident explained that the game was distributed in thousands of packages for the children in the neighborhood. "The goal is to introduce the anti Zionist ideology to children through a game, and teach them from a young age to hate Zionists," a Meah Shearim resident who declined to give his name, told

“The government should confiscate all these card games and burn them in one large fire. The manufacturers of this card game should be arrested and charged with inciting violence related charges and conspiracy to commit murder as a hate crime. What normal person gives a child a game that calls to murder innocent men women and children?” Frank Scott, 40, of Long Island, New York told after learning about the disgusting card game.

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yitz said...

It is strange how these cards became an issue but no one takes issue with former Police Chief now deputy Finance Minister Miki Levi calling all Hareidim Leeches(parasites) or the posters of the leftists saying Dros Kol Dos Trample every religious Jew or Amira Hass's incitement or other Anti Hareidi expressions etc. This is fair and all is fair in war.
There is the story of a Chabadnik asking people to put on tefillin, a chiloni screams at him go serve in the army, the chabadnik pulls out his discharge papers and says I served, the chiloni screams ten go to work, teh chabdnik says I do I am just volunteering on Fridays when I an off of work so then the Chiloni screams well then go to hell!