Monday, October 15, 2012

Rebbitzen Pinto tries to commit sucide!

Popular rabbi to the rich Rabbi Yehoshua Pinto and his wife are in the hospital after the rabbi’s wife attempted to commit suicide earlier today, according to reports.

Deborah Pinto, wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Pinto, who are suspected of bribing a senior police officer, tried today to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills. Both were arrested on Thursday for questioning and were released with restrictive conditions, she was taken to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

"We pray for the wellbeing of the Deborah along with her thousands of followers," the statement by Rabbi Pinto said. "The lawyers warned the authorities about the situation. Unfortunately they did not care. We are sure that she will soon recover and tell investigators her story, and then they will understand that she is completely innocent of any wrongdoing."

After hours of additional interrogation Rabbi Pinto was taken to the hospital and is staying with his wife. The rabbi, who is under house arrest, received special permission to stay with his wife. Many other associates and family members arrived at the hospital.

An investigation against Rabbi Pinto and his wife began a few weeks after the Pintos allegedly offered the police investigations division chief, Brigadier General, the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for his information about a police investigation. The officer reported that the head of the Investigations Department, General Yoav Segalovitch, responded to the offer in order to gather evidence against him. Police appointed a special unit on this case due to the
sensitive matter.

On Thursday, it was decided to move on to the investigation to the rabbi himself. The rabbi and his wife returned on Thursday from the U.S. and the moment they arrived they were taken for questioning in Ramle, where investigators arrested them on the bribe allegations. In addition, the police charged the rabbi and his wife, with money laundering. They have denied the allegations against them. At the end of the investigation they was a hearing before a judge, where police asked that they be released under restrictive conditions and subject to the deposit of a million dollars each and be forbidden to leave the country for six months.

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