Monday, October 15, 2012

Police Brutally beat innocent Jewish man! Video

A shocking video was uploaded to the internet showing New York City police officers severely beating a Jewish man.
 Last week, police were called on a man who was sleeping in the living room of Aliyah Center on East New York Avenue. The caller may have mistakenly believed that the homeless man, Ehud H. Halevi, was lurking in the center of the property without permission. Aliyah is a synagogue and an outreach center for troubled youth in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Two officers from the 71st precinct, one male and one female, came and woke the man. Confused as to why he was being harassed by the police, the man refused officers' attempts to escort him out, insisting he had permission to be there and asked the police to allow him to prove it. His request was rejected as they proceeded to arrest him. When he resisted arrest, the officer became enraged and began beating the defenseless man. As you can see in the video below, the officer assumed a boxing stance and then staggered to his victim, punching him everywhere. Over the next couple of minutes the man was also pepper-sprayed and beaten with a baton by the officer, while posing no danger to the welfare of officers. After about two minutes of the sadistic beating, the officers are joined by a squadron of officers, when he was finally handcuffed and arrested. It was confirmed that the man had permission to live at the center and it is unknown who called the police. The man was charged with assaulting a police officer, a felony which carries a sentence of five years in prison upon conviction. Other charges include, trespassing, resisting arrest and harassment. He has been released on bail.

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