Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Police detain Jewish driver for displaying an Israeli flag

Yes folks, this is here in the United States:

A Jewish driver in Michigan was detained for causing a disturbance after displaying an Israeli flag on his car, according to reports.

Dearborn, Michigan is known as a hotbed for Muslim activity, but a Jewish resident was surprised when Muslim youths threw a bottle of liquid on his car which displays flags of Israel.

The incident has been confirmed and vandalism towards the driver can see at 2:25 in the video below.
The driver was passing in front of Dearborn Fordson High School as students were leaving school. He had two Israeli flags in the back of his truck. He was stopped in traffic, with a police car behind him.

Students began to approach his car,and a young man threw a bottle of liquid on the windshield. The driver rolled down the window to tell the students to stop.

The driver said that the principal called the police, who approached him and asked the driver why he caused a disturbance, while young Muslims hurled death threats against him.
Police said they did not hear the threats.
A Dearborn police car was behind me when this student threw a bottle at my windshield. The police did not arrest the student, but detained the driver for 30 minutes.
Both the principal and the driver, who graduated from the same high school, filed a police report about the incident.

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