Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yeshiva student shot in Boro-Park

A serious incident of anti-Semitism took place in Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York, last week, when a young yeshiva student was shot and seriously wounded, according to reports in the Israeli news media.

The incident occurred when the boy was standing at the door of the yeshiva, in the early afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooting came from a building located in front of the yeshiva building, where some non-Jewish families also live.

Police collected evidence from passers-by, and started building their case. After a thorough search conducted in the apartments near the Jewish school building, a man was arrested after a gun was found in his home.

Investigators claimed that the man did not intentionally shoot the Jewish student, as he accidentally fired the weapon. However witnesses said the man pointed the gun at the young student.

Emergency rescue volunteers took the student, who was severely injured, to Maimonides Hospital of Brooklyn located nearby.

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