Thursday, September 13, 2012

MSNBC host: ‘Who’s More Dangerous, the Supreme Leader in Tehran or Netanyahu?’

What a question from MSNBC..... can you imagine....
I think it's time to pack up and leave this once great country!

“Morning Joe” host Mike Barnicle asked Joe Klein if Ayatollah Ali Khamenei or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is more dangerous Wednesday morning.

MIKE BARNICLE: Who is the more dangerous player on the world stage right now, the supreme leader in Tehran or Bibi netanyahu?
(UNCLEAR): Don’t answer that.
JOE KLEIN: It’s not netanyahu. the supreme leader is a fascist. and he right now is causing great pain to his people in a way that Bibi Netanyahu never would.
DONNY DEUTSCH: I understand the point of your question, but that was a silly question.
(UNCLEAR): That was a clown question, bro.
LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: One point we know with Netanyahu, as Joe can tell you, anybody’s who’s who’s been in the room with Netanyahu, you don’t have to be with him long to know that there’s only one way, only one way, to get along with him and that is to agree with every single word he says, which Mitt Romney apparently does.

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