Sunday, September 23, 2012

69% of Florida Jewish Voters Don't Care about Israel, will vote for Obama

No matter how bad president Obama is for the state of Israel, Jews in the U.S. just don’t seem to care.

More than two thirds or 69 percent of Jewish voters in Florida say they will vote for President Obama over Governor Romney, who will win 25 percent of the Jewish vote in the state, according to a new American Jewish Committee or AJC survey.

Obama won 76 percent of the Jewish vote in Florida in 2008. Jews comprise about four percent of voters in Florida, which is widely regarded as a key state in the 2012 elections.

The AJC survey explored Jewish attitudes toward the election of candidates for vice president, U.S. relations and Israel, Iran's nuclear program, and other important issues of concern to vote for president.

The telephone poll of 254 registered voters of Florida Jews was conducted between September 7 and 9 by QEV Analytics, a research organization of public opinion. It is the first in a series of opinion polls AJC conducted this month. Ohio is the other key state where Jewish voters are being surveyed, and a full national survey is underway. AJC last national survey of American Jews was conducted in March 2012.

"Florida is a key state for both parties. Both parties are spending a lot of time and attention, and where recent history is a reminder that the margin of victory can be very narrow, the Jewish vote is more important, said Executive Director of AJC David Harris. "This study, the first of three Jewish political landscape in accumulation to the November 6 elections, will certainly be of interest to all those who follow the elections this year."

There is an overwhelming concern among Jewish voters on Iran's nuclear program. Most support military action of the United States or Israel if diplomacy and sanctions fail to stop Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

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