Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shocking Poll: 62% of Jewish Voters would elect the Anti-Israel Obama, only 4 % consider Israel to be top priority!

Jews never learn read the following article from the and weep!

President Barack Obama continues to have the Jewish vote firmly in his corner.

A new survey from the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has found that 62 percent of Jewish Americans said they would like to see Obama re-elected in November. Thirty percent said they would prefer the Republican alternative.
According to the PRRI survey, Obama is enjoying the same level of support “as during a comparable point in the 2008 race.”

Just 4 percent said that Israel is the most important factor in their choice — the majority, 51 percent, rated the economy as their top factor, followed by “growing gap between the rich and poor” with 15 percent, and health care with 10 percent.
PRRI CEO Robert Jones told Haaretz that the relatively-low ranking in voting priority Israel polled at for American Jews does not mean it is not an issue.

“As a voting priority it is low, [but] it doesn’t mean it’s not important,” he said, adding that “we wanted to be sure on this issue and allowed people to mention their first and second-most important voting issue, because it was clear the economy is swapping everything. But even as a second issue Israel didn’t move up the list — it was still 5 percent.”

Of those interested in the Republican alternative, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had the most support with 58 percent of the vote. Fifteen percent favor Rick Santorum, 13 percent like Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul gets 12 percent of the vote.
“There has been some speculation about possible movements toward the GOP among Jewish voters, but the current state of the race suggests that this year’s Jewish vote will resemble past elections,” said PRRI Research Director Daniel Cox. “The likely Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, is unpopular among most Jewish voters, and the GOP’s signature campaign proposal — repealing the recent health care law — is opposed by nearly six-in-ten American Jews.”
According to PPRI, the survey was conducted online between Feb. 23 and March 5, 2012 among 1,004 random self-identified Jewish adults with a +/- 5 margin of error.

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