Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monsey Rabbonim ban Uncle Moshe Concert!

Yes! It's true! 

 Our Holy Tzadikkim of Monsey, are bored and are going stir crazy being holed up with their families a whole Pesach, so they decided to send out a phone message to all residents of our "Holy" city, not to attend the Uncle Moshe, Bello the Clown and Miami Boys concerts because there is family seating!
So if you are a mother of little children, and your husband is working (The Holy Tzadikkim never thought of this scenario), they don't want you sitting with your boys. They would rather you sit separate and have your boy children sit on the men side alone waiting for some sexual pervert to molest them!
G-D forbid that families should be together!
The Rabbonim have apparently learned nothing from their previous ban of the "Lipa Smeltzer" concert. 
Lipa is doing better then ever despite the ban.
The Chazal state that "Rabbonim should not ban something that the people  will not by in large abide by"!!

I have a theory on why they banned the concerts. They want to take a break from learning (Bein Hazmanim)... they have no TV, no Ipad, no IPhone, no nothing, so they want to impart their misery on us innocent souls... as the famous adage goes "misery loves company" 
just my thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Lipa is not doing better than ever despite the ban against him.

He is doing better than ever BECAUSE of the ban against him.

Anonymous said...

And this is why chareidi Judiasm is a contemptible laughing stock. The notion that God meant his Torah to be appropriated by these chasidim shotim is laughable.
It makes the entire religion suspect. Better to become an atheist than to remain cloistered in this cult.