Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pollard rushed to Hospital! Condition Critical

Pollard has been hospitalized for several days in the Federal Hospital near the Butner North Carolina prison. He is suffering from intense pain for which the doctors have not yet found an explanation.

Esther Pollard, the wife of the convicted American Naval Intelligence analyst who has spent 27 years in prison for spying for Israel, on Sunday entreated President Shimon Peres to act immediately to try to secure her husband's freedom before it is too late.
Esther was accompanied by MKs Uri Ariel and Ronit Tirosh who head the Knesset lobby for the release of Jonathan Pollard, along with members of The Committee for the Release of Jonathan Pollard. "I am the wife of Jonathan Pollard. I do not want to be the widow of Jonathan Pollard," she said her voice trembling with emotion and her face crumpling with anxiety.
Esther told Peres that she lives in daily terror that the phone will ring and inform her of yet another medical crisis. "It's just a matter of time before the next one occurs." The issue right now she said is to stabilize her husband's condition.
Pollard entreated Peres to use all the influence that he has at his disposal to ensure that Pollard is not returned to prison. "Sending him back to prison is a death sentence," she said.

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