Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of Ami Magazine, attacks author Dr. Michael Salamon, without reading the book!

Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of the Ami Magazine attacked Dr. Michael Salamon, PHD about his research of  child abuse within the Frum Community without actually reading his book "Abuse in the Jewish Community."
Dr. Michael Salamon
On the Zev Brenner Program this past Saturday Night, Frankfurter was upset that Dr. Salamon singled out the "Chareidishe Community" viz a viz the coverup of child sexual abuse in his latest book. He also stated that Dr. Salamon (an orthodox Jew) is not from his community and therefore he had no right writing about a community that he was not part of. If the "unprepared"Frankfurter would have bothered reading even the first chapter he would have seen that Dr. Salaman included all the Jewish Communities, but Frankfurter didn't want to be confused by the facts.  Frankfurter also compared the "Black and Chinese" Communities to the Frum Community, (that stood at Har Sinai,) and wondered out loud why Dr. Salamon is focusing only on the frum community.
So, here we have an editor of a popular magazine advocating continued  cover up of child sexual abuse by Rabbis. Towards the end of the program Frankfurter tried to backtrack and said that he is all for reporting child abuse, but then continued to attack Dr. Salamon and was very unconvincing. Frankfurter kept saying throughout the entire interview that we are "all mandated reporters," but he was referring to reporting the abuse to the clueless Rabbis first, that will and have swept these stories under the rug. The fact is that most Rabbonim are for covering up these crimes.
Mark Meyer Appel from the Voice of Justice, called in to the program and chastised Pinny Taub, a victim himself, for telling the victims not to accept funds from programs that advocate for victims. Pinny Taub after getting help from bloggers, who put him on the map, and stood by him at all times, turned on them and threw them all under the bus.
One caller kept asking Frankfurter why he keeps misrepresenting the ruling of Harav Eliyashav Shiltah, that clearly states that one must immediately report Child Abuse to authorities. Frankfurter, without naming any Rabbis, answered that he follows other "poskim" that would rather sweap it under the rug. 
A caller named Esther took Frankfurter to task and remarked that "G-D is crying" listening to Frankfurter comparing the non-reporting of abuse in Penn State to the non-reporting of Yeshivas and Rabbis, implying that we are all the same, Esther asked "aren't we supposed to answer to a higher authority?"

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