Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Police release Video of Killer of Jewish Lady

This video, released today by cops, shows the mystery murderer of Brooklyn accountant Larisa Komsky lying in wait for her just before he launched a brutal stabbing attack.

The suspect is seen getting out of his SUV, walking around to the passenger side and picking up something on the ground — just as Larisa Komsky, 50, drives up to in her white Mercedes convertible.
After she pulled into a parking space outside her apartment building on Homecrest Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, neighbors heard a terrified Komsky ask, “What are you doing here?’’
Then she let loose with blood-curdling screams.
Cops have showed the tape to at least two people who knew her well, her rabbi and a co-worker, but neither could identify the suspect.
The rabbi, Kalev Krelin, said, “she was always in touch with me about her private issues. Some clients wanted to come to her but she didn’t want to be stealing other people’s clients. “She was a very honest person.”
Her distraught son, Vadim Komsky, 37, said, “my mother did not have any enemies. She would have told me if she had any troubles.
“Mt mother was an amazing woman. There’s not enough good things I can say about her. “The synagogue meant the world to her.’’
The family moved to Brooklyn from the Ukraine 20 years ago and no-one could speak English.
He said she studied hard and eventually “got an MBA from Baruch. She was a straight A student.’’
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Anonymous said...

If one does the math, according to the article, she gave birth to her son when she was 13?

Nony Mouse