Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charedi Rabbis Only Denounce violence when the Sikrikim get a beating but totally ignore the violence that was perpetrated on the Book Store and Ice Cream Store!

Badatz Rabbis denounce the bloody beating that Avraham Hirschman the Sikrikie got from the Gerrer Chassidim, but don't care when Avraham Hirschman the leader of the Sikrikim perpetrates violence on innocent storekeepers.
From Arutz 7

he rabbis of the Haredi Badatz – the High Court of Justice of the Eida Haredit community – published an unusual and strongly worded denouncement of the internecine violence that has been plaguing the community in recent months.
The violence has been ascribed to Gur (Gerrer) hassidim, some of whom said it was a response to severe provocations by members of a violent group called the sikrikim. The conflict is connected to a turf war over the “Batei Warsaw” neighborhood.
In official posters (“pashkvils”) pasted on the bulletin boards and walls of the Me’ah She’arim neighborhood, the Badatz referred to an incident in which a man named Avraham Hirschman was severely beaten, and to another attack, in which a man named Shalom Roset was beaten inside a synagogue.
“We heard with fear of several incidents of beatings – to the point of pulverization—and damage to Jewish property and capital,” the rabbis wrote. The violent incidents “have reached the point of desecrating synagogues. Woe to the ears that hear this, that such a thing can be done in Israel and no voice be raised in protest.
“Anyone complicit in their acts will not be cleansed of this in the next [world],” they summed up, in a pashkvil signed by the Badatz Head, Rav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss.
Where was Reb Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss when the Book store was destroyed?

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