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Hatzolah running scared, accusing Dov Hikind and Ruchie Freier of running to "Goyish Media"

The Yeshiva World Blog

An unsigned op-ed piece in todays The Yeshivaworld blog accuses Attorney Ruchie Freier of complaining to the "Goyish Media" about the fact that she would rather have women respond to all calls to Hatzolah to  assist women giving birth! The absurd letter says that Daas Torah is against women joining Hatzalah. This is of course a blatant lie, since there is no one frumer than the people of New Square, and they actually require women to respond to women giving birth.
Attorney Ruchie Freier
Here read the outragious letter:

The massive chilul hashem that I warned about last week here on YWN, has come to pass. Sadly, despite outrage by rank and file Hatzolah members and a very clear statement by the CEO of Hatzolah that this proposal is absolutely forbidden based on halchic rulings by our gedolei hador, Attorney Ruchie Freier and Assemblyman Dov Hikind are continuing their crusade to force women into Hatzolah.
Even more disturbing, they have apparently enlisted the help of New York’s secular newspapers to do so. Earlier this week the New York Post, which has a circulation of over 500,000, splashed an article in its paper with the salacious headline: “Jewish ‘Siren’ Ladies” chock full of quotes by Ms. Freier and Mr. Hikind. (Crain’s Business Magazine also had an article) The story had a preposterous exchange where Hikind proclaimed, “I’m sure Hatzalah will listen and consider [admitting women into Hatzalah].” Of course, to no one’s surprise, the story continues: ‘But Hatzalah CEO Rabbi David Cohen said it’s a non-issue. “This was discussed years ago by the rabbinic board. They said not to do it, and that’s pretty much where we stand,” he said. “It’s not on the agenda. There’s no reason to put it on the agenda.”
The obvious question is how dare Hikind tell the New York Post that he was “sure” that Hatzolah will consider going against Das Torah? What’s more, as a member of Hatzolah, I know for a fact that the leadership reached out to Hikind immediately after his radio show to make it clear to Hikind that Hatzolah’s rabbanim are against this proposal. What chutzpah does Hikind have to continue to promote his agenda after the leadership of Hatzolah reaffirmed directly to him that the gedolei hador are oppose to this proposal?
Mr. Hikind, it’s not too late. You have a few hours to do teshuva before the start of Rosh Hashona and publicly renounce your support of forcing women into Hatzolah. Or at the very least, identify the Daas Torah that instructed you to go against the Gedolei Hador that ruled for reasons of tznius women may not join Hatzolah. Unless that happens, Mr. Hikind, you will continue to be responsible for the massive chilul hashem. And Chas V’Shalom if this blows back on Hatzolah and hurts this life-saving organization in any way, I shudder to think what kind of achrayas beis din shel mayla will assign to you.
A long-time New York Hatzolah member.

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Moshe Friedman said...

Parts of the Op_ed art pilagrized from this blog:

Attack on Hatzalah Starts; And Hikind is Still On Board
Lawyer Ruchie Freier continues her attack on Hatzalah in today’s NY Post story, “Jewish ‘siren’ ladies.” What’s even more frightening: the can of worms that I cautioned against opening is already ajar.
The Post reports:
“Hatzalah is a nonprofit, financed by donations. No women or non-Jewish man has ever applied, the source said.”
That source, obviously replied to three questions that the reporter was drilling for: Is the Hatzalah discriminating based on: religion; Gender? And does it receive government funding, which would make this even worse?
The first question is exactly what I had in mind when I blogged yesterday:
“Doesn’t such a case open up a can of worms, with the possibility that every turned back perspective volunteer will hire a lawyer? (I’m not elaborating on this one, not to further drilling that can of worms. I went into more details in an email to Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who is on record supporting the idea. I will be happy to share his response, if any).”
Unfortunately, the worms started to creep out already, and my non-disclosure will not stop it. So let me share parts of my email to Assemblyman Hikind, with his spokeswoman copied on it. (Please pardon my typos)
“I'm the author of the new I came across the Crain's article posted below in the subject of ladies in Hatzalah. I know you spoke out in support. I'm just wondering how far your support goes…”
“Aren't you concerned that taking the issue to the press can bring non-Jews to ask why Hatzalah doesn't take them as volunteers and why it doesn't assist their community.
“Shomrim is lately under attack after positive press. Shouldn't be more careful from negative press against such a crucial and life-saving org.”
These very same points were used by the NY Post in an orchestrated attack against the Shomrim less than two months ago, when the spotlight turned on them when the organized the massive search for Leiby Kletzky A”h. The heading for one very critical article says: Orthodox cops: Separate and unequal; New York City should stop funding separate, private police forces for Jews.
Shouldn’t we expect from our elected officials to have the foresight to prevent the very same attacks against Hatzalah?
And even if he missed it, I warned him very clearly. Still, he continued to cooperate with Freier – even after I pointed out to him that she seemed to signal possible legislation down the road against Hatzalah - as the Post reports:
“Freier is supported by state Assemblyman Dov Hikind, an influential politician who represents Borough Park. “It’s an idea that’s worth looking at,” he said.”
If the attack intensifies, Go-d forbid, it will be courtesy to our own Assemblyman, who was careless and ignored the warning.