Monday, September 26, 2011

Lakewood Yeshivas using Jewish Children "as pawns"

The following copy of a letter written to a Lakewood activist is being circulated around Lakewood. The letter addressed to Hershel Herskowitz, who ran for city office against a Lakewood lackey, threatens to throw his two daughters out of school unless he first asks the opinion of the Lakewood Roshei Yeshivah before he does anything that benefits the Lakewood Community! 
Get it?
I don't!


Barbara said...

OK, to me this looks like a letter FROM Herskowitz, perhaps one that someone is demanding that he sign. Now maybe there is another document associated with it, but your description of it is not consistent with what you printed. Did you perhaps post the wrong page?

On the substance of it - it is too bad that anyone is so scared, and so cowed and so brainwashed, that they would be bullied into continuing to associate with this morally bankrupt operation.

Dusiznies said...

Here are the hard facts behind the story. It is true that the strategy was to force HH to sign at the last second, with no choice other than to leave his girls without a school. HH, however, was a step ahead having his girls already registered in out-of-Lakewood schools. A "shliach" surprisingly showed up at his door with the paper for him to sign - the night before school started, without giving him permission to touch the paper. HH told the shliach that its not within his rights to sign without his wife's consent. The shliach relented. HH took the paper into his bedroom, copied it in his fax machine (hence the line in the paper), and then told the Shliach that he cannot sign the paper.

Anonymous said...

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