Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dee Zeitung, the yiddish newspaper spews hate against the State of Israel!

The cartoon in Der Sturmer shows a photograph of a Jew captioned “Satan.”
Dee Zeitung also call Zionists "Satan"

I thought I was reading the Nazi Newspaper "Der Sturmer,"but soon realized that  I was actually reading this week's issue of Dee Zeitung, the newspaper now in the news for doctoring and erasing Hillary Clinton from a White House photo.
On page 30 of this issue, the Yiddish newspaper writes and reports about the huge protest that took place in Williamsburg in the Bais Hamidrash Hagodol of Congregation Yetev Lev of Satmar on the 5th day of the Jewish month Iyur, Yom Haatzmoat (Israel's day of Independence)!
This article quoted words of venom and hate from speakers that cursed not only the State of Israel but  other "Chassidishe" Rabbis that are not on the "same page" with these Rabbis of Satmar.

I will glean and losely translate some relevant and pertinent lines from the article.

"It is already 63 years since that bitter day "Hey Iyur (5 day of the month of Iyur) when that heretic government of the Zionist nation announced their Independence, and with that proclamation claimed that it was with their own strength that this Independence came about, and thereby mocked the concept and notion  of the "Golus Yid"(the jew in exile) . By declaring a State they violated the "Three Oaths" that G-D swore upon Jews in exile. This past Sunday a packed crowd gathered in the Bais Midrash Hagodol in Williamsburg to lament and mourn that bitter disaster; the establishment of the State etc."

They then quote from Rabbi Moshe Kliars, "Chief of the Bais Din" of Tveriah. (BTW, Dee Zeitung gave him that title, my relatives who live in Tveriah, never heard of him).
This Rabbi mocks and derides other great Rabbis that don't agree with his idea.
"To those (Rabbis not from Satmar) that call the establishment of the State "Aschalta DeGeulah" (the beginning of the redemption) I say that this no beginning of redemption but it is certainly the beginning of the birth pangs of the Messiah."
"The main and real problem is actually from the orthodox camp that light the fire of heresy. Even though  the Zionist themselves cooled off from their Zionist passion, it is actually the religious circles and their leaders that continue to instigate the nations."
Rabbi Menashe derided those who patronize the Zionists, and travel to Israel when travel to Israel was never on any bodies mind."

Dus Iz Nies:
I would like to know how many secular Jews ever became religious because of these protests?
How many secular Jews ever said .... "Oh! They are cursing the State of Israel, I will now come closer to G-D?"
Greater Rabbis than those who attended that shameful protest addressed whether the creation of the State of Israel violated the "3 Oaths" and ruled that it certainly did not (I will address that issue in an other posting). 
How about the Halacha of not speaking Loshon Horah on the State of Israel... the Original Spies during the times of Moshe Rabeinu spoke Loshon Horah about the very evil nation, the Nation of Caanan and because of that incident the Jewish people had to wander in the dessert for an additional 40 years, and we are now in exile because of that incident, and yet the Yiddish Newspapers catering to the Chassidic communities, Dee Zeitung, Der Yid and Der Blatt curse and spew hatred on a weekly basis against their own brothers and sisters, and then they wonder why the Messiah has yet to come!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy!

I am very very far from being a Satmar Jew, but let's stop for a second and get a grip. The sin of the spies was for speaking about Eretz Yisrael, the land itself which is deemed holy for many reasons. These Satmar rabbis are speaking about the State of Israel which is a government body comprised mainly with non observant Jews who invest tireless efforts to go against the Torah. Let's call a spade a spade. I also don't agree with Satmar methods but you have enough fuel to add to the fire without embarressing yourself with such rediculous arguments.