Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Muslims Continue To Slaughter Christians in Egypt, and the media totally ignores the massacres!

Muslim pogrom against Christians

Muslims are killing Christians in Egypt and the media describe these massacres as "battles between Muslims and Christians." These are not battles, these are outright murders of innocent men women and children by blood thirsty Muslim mobs.
Did you see the following news report anywhere in the major news media?

No! You won't see it, the cowards will not report it!
See the following report from BBC reporting on dozens of Christians murdered by Muslims:
"HARI SREENIVASAN: Security officials in Egypt arrested 23 people today, after weekend clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians left more than a dozen people dead and a church in ashes."

"Clashes?" These weren't clashes.. this was a pogrom!
Notice that they don't identify who the dead were... they want to give you the impression that this was some tribal dispute. And what was "left in ashes?" A Mosque? No! A Church!

See a report below from BBC:

    BBC, "Nigeria: Deadly attack on northern village," May 7:
At least 16 people have been killed in an attack on a predominantly Christian village in northern Nigeria.
Police said late on Friday that unidentified assailants had also burnt a number of houses in the village in Bauchi state, near Tafawa Balewa.
Bauchi is in Nigeria's middle belt, where the predominantly Muslim north meets the mainly Christian south.
Do you see anywhere in the report what the religion was of who those that were killed?
 How about the assailants?
They write "unidentified assailants," 
well, I'll identify them for you was Muslims killing innocent men, women and children.

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