Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rabbi Wants to Lower Marriage Age to 15!

Rabbi Idan
"Girls who do not want to study or work are a burden to the household," Rabbi Idan noted, "In my opinion, these young people will contribute more to the State because they won't go to nightclubs or waste their time looking for nonsense someplace else."

Currently the age of marriage allowed by law is 17, and according to the initiators of the bill, lowering it by even one year would pose a significant difference.

"There are many Hasidic communities that are interested in lowering the marriageable age, namely Vizhnitz and Breslov," explained Rabbi Idan.

"Some Hasidic communities are already violating the law by marrying at the age of 15-16. Parents of large families who cannot financially support all their children would be able to marry off their daughter earlier so that she can move into her husband's house," he added.

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